“With President-elect Joe Biden’s aggressive plan to implement countrywide emission reduction mandates, many more drivers will switch to electric vehicles,” said Matthew Blackler, CEO and Founder of ZEF Energy. “We hope our partnership with Tritium on this program is the first of many as we look forward to developing a vast network of DC fast chargers.”

ZEF Energy is an electric vehicle service provider using Tritium’s DC fast chargers as their hardware, then incorporating their proprietary software to create their own unique system. ZEF Energy strives to provide their ZEFNET smart charging software platform and program solutions that will allow utility companies, fleet operators, and public charging owners to operate chargers efficiently and in a way that supports beneficial electrification.

“Tritium is dedicated to installing DC charging throughout the United States and around the world, and this mission could not be more important than it is today as we begin to look forward to wide scale adoption of electric vehicles,” said Mike Calise, President of Americas at Tritium. “We are happy to partner with ZEF Energy to help create an extensive DC charging network in an area that hasn’t traditionally been a hub for EVs. Through this partnership, DC charging services are now available in the heartland of America, which will unleash rapid EV adoption.”

There are a total of 25 RT50 chargers involved in this project, including 18 in Minnesota, five in North Dakota, and two in Wisconsin.

About ZEF Energy

Partnering to create a zero emissions future.

ZEF Energy’s mission is to support a reliable, low emissions transition to electric vehicles. We are a passionate group of software, hardware, development and policy experts that craft smart transportation electrification solutions. These solutions are outcome driven, nimble, and bring additional social benefit to our communities. We believe in accessible, convenient, and low burden offerings that support the economy as well as the environment..

Contact us at [email protected] to discuss how to succeed in your next project.

About Tritium

Founded in 2001 by e-mobility pioneers, Tritium designs and manufactures proprietary technology to create the world’s most advanced and reliable DC fast chargers for electric vehicles.

Compact, robust designs to look great on the main street or thrive in the world’s harshest conditions, Tritium technology is easy to install, easy to own and easy to use. And we never stop innovating to support our customers around the world.

Visit tritiumcharging.com to see how we’re revolutionizing electric transportation.

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