During the Eagles home games throughout the months of November and December, The Ertz Family Foundation will provide 2,500 meals to local food banks in Philadelphia – for EVERY EAGLES TOUCHDOWN.  For example, if the Eagles score 4 touchdowns on Sunday vs. the Cowboys – The Ertz Family Foundation will help provide 10,000 meals to Philly families! When Zach, (who is currently on IR) returns to the lineup – they will donate 5,000 meals for each touchdown that Zach scores.

The Philadelphia Eagles have 3 home games during November and December. The Ertz Family Foundation hopes to provide over 25,000 meals to local Philly food banks during the three-game span.

“This holiday season we are joining forces with The Athletes’ Corner with one goal in mind, to help feed our city.  It has always been an amazing feeling to help our city and to be able to provide thousands of meals to our community takes it to another level. With this holiday program, we look forward to celebrating touchdowns together with Philadelphia.  – Zach and Julie Ertz, Co-Founders of The Ertz Family Foundation

With the launch of this new initiative, The Ertz Family Foundation continues its efforts to help fight hunger especially during this time where there are so many families in such dire need. Earlier this year, The Ertz Family Foundation donated $100,000 to Philabundance – which is a local Philadelphia-area food bank working with the city to supply emergency food for those in need. 

With the increasing number of families experiencing food insecurity, Zach and Julie Ertz will continue to help as much as possible. To help Zach and Julie in their efforts, please visit: https://www.ertzfamilyfoundation.org/donate/

About The Ertz Family Foundation
The Ertz Family Foundation was founded in 2018 by Zach and Julie Ertz. Zach is a 3x Pro Bowl Tight End and Super Bowl Champion for the Philadelphia Eagles, and Julie is a 2x USWNT World Cup Champion and member of the 2016 Olympic team. Through their faith and desire to elevate those who need it the most, they created their foundation to help lift the community of Philadelphia. The Ertz family Foundation focuses their charitable efforts on youth sports and education and have most recently been a partner in the Beyond the Field initiative. Partnering with local non-profits, they have provided safe after school workouts for the underserved athletes when COVID-19 took their season away. In addition to the on the field portion, this program was designed to determine and find other necessary services that the kids in the most underserved, high-risk communities have lost during the pandemic-to include a safe access spot free from the growing issues of poverty, drugs, gangs, and violence. The Ertz Family Foundation works with several local organizations in Philadelphia on the Philly Bridge Project, such as ODAAP, Timoteo Sports, FCA, and the Sunday Love Food Project and have recently partnered with Jerome Bettis’ The Bus Stops Here Foundation for Pittsburgh’s Steel Bridge Project as the first partner in what they hope to be a 32 City Bridge Project to support the NFL cities. Visit their website to learn more: or follow them on Instagram.

SOURCE The Ertz Family Foundation

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