Will Governor Abbott Save Texas From Transfer Of Sovereignty By Contract?

Recipients of SB 8 funds are required to enter into a contract with the US Department of Treasury and must comply with the Award Terms and Conditions as detailed in the Interim Final Rule for CSLFRF as were Recipients of CRF. The Recipient remains responsible for monitoring and overseeing the sub recipient’s use of the funds and other activities related to the award to ensure that the sub-recipient complies with the statutory, regulatory requirements, and executive orders as defined in the award terms and conditions as follows.

1.      CSLFRF – Compliance with Applicable Law and Regulations. Pg 3 Section 9 – “Recipient also agrees to comply with all other applicable federal statutes, regulations, and executive orders, and Recipient shall provide for such compliance by other parties in any agreements it enters into with other parties relating to this award.”

2.      CRF – Terms and Conditions 1.26 Compliance with Federal Law, Regulations, and Executive Orders: Grantee acknowledges that federal financial assistance funds will be used to fund the Grant Agreement. The grantee will comply with all applicable federal laws, regulations, executive orders, policies, procedures, and directives.

–        In the event of an issuance of a federal executive order for all Recipients to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, will all Recipient’s employees, subcontractors, and customers who benefit from “award” activities be coerced into taking vaccinations to keep their jobs or to continue to receive services from Recipients (Cities, Counties, Schools, etc.)?

–        If the Recipient is found to not be compliant with one of the many federal statutes, regulations, or executive orders, will the federal government:

  • Demand the repayment of all funds received? • Seize their bank accounts? • Seize their property? • Incarcerate the recipient? • All of the above?

On October 15, 2021, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton warns all state agencies of unprecedented federal contract language causing conflicts between state and federal laws:

“President Biden recently issued a federal executive order directing federal departments and agencies to begin including a clause in federal “contract and contract-like instruments” specifying that contractors must comply with “workplace safety protocols” that would apply to “all covered contractor employees, including contractor or subcontractor employees. These protocols will now include a requirement that covered employees receive a COVID-19 vaccination.”

Sheila Hemphill, CEO, Texas Right To Know states: “These actions by President Biden and the contracts between Recipients and the US Department of Treasury will relinquish sovereignty held by state and local governments through unprecedented inclusion of federal executive orders as terms for contract compliance, which could include COVID-19 vaccine mandates or any other federal executive order issued.

It is for these reasons, we are urging Texans to call the Governor’s office, 512-463-1782 or 512-463-2000 and submit a comment at https://gov.texas.gov/contact and ask him to:

1.      Veto SB 8 and investigate the federal contract overreach with the potential to transfer control of state and local government assets and services to be subordinate to federal executive orders.

2.      End all COVID-Related State of Emergency Orders that continues the federal overreach. 
As of October 25, 2021 COVID-19 emergency orders have expired in 24 states including AK, FL, PA, etc.

3.      Call for Senate and House hearings to investigate evidence of federal criminal conspiracy and racketeering actions of the federal government as seen in patents, federal agency and public policy guidelines, and unprecedented use of Emergency Use Authorization of tests and vaccines. 

4.      Call for an immediate fourth special session to address these requests and complete the legislative priorities of the Republican Party of Texas and to codify Executive Order GA-39 and pass legislation for a comprehensive ban on vaccine mandates.”

“At no fault of their own, state agencies, federal contractors, and companies are already in a ‘no-win” predicament since complying with federal executive orders violates state executive orders.  It is clear that Texas’ dependency on federal grant money is threatening the sovereignty of Texas and making us subservient to the federal government and now federal executive orders by contract.

Texans should not be forced to compromise their conscientious, medical, and religious inalienable rights and be mandated a medical procedure in order to retain their freedom and ability to work, buy, sell, or travel.  For many people, coerced participation in a clinical trial of an experimental drug through forced injection is the equivalent of medical rape and to some, it will be a death sentence.

Governor Abbott, please protect and defend us,” implores Hemphill. 

Visit www.TexasRightToKnow.com for a two-page printable color PDF and for more information, text updates, and action alerts.
Media Contact:  Sheila Hemphill, [email protected]

SOURCE Texas Right to Know

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