WASHINGTON, Jan. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Two members of the Daniel J. Ocasio Whistleblower Law Group, Senior Attorney, Daniel Ocasio and Christopher Piacentile, CFE, play key roles in a $40.5 million settlement with durable medical equipment provider Apria Healthcare for fraudulent billing practices.

On December 18th, District Judge Edgardo Ramos approved a settlement that ordered Apria to pay $40.5 million, with over 37.6 million being paid to the United States and the remainder being paid to various states. The whistleblowers in this case also received a sizeable monetary award for shedding a light on this injustice. The basis of the claim was multiple instances of fraudulent billing practices, to which Apria provided factual admissions to as part of the settlement.

The major counts of fraudulent activity can be summarized as follows:

  • Apria routinely billed Medicare and other programs for Non-Invasive Ventilators (NIVs) without knowing if they were still being used by patients, or in some cases, with knowledge that they were no longer being used. Respiratory Therapists did not conduct regular visits to NIV patients to confirm use.
  • Apria improperly billed federal health programs for certain NIV rentals in order to obtain reimbursement for more expensive equipment.
  • Managers at Apria directed salespeople to use co-pay waivers to persuade patients to rent NIVs from Apria instead of other suppliers, without an assessment to determine if they meet the criteria for the waivers.

Full details of the settlement can be found here.

This case is a prime example of how powerful whistleblowers are in enacting change and demanding justice. These two members, now of the Daniel J. Ocasio Whistleblower Law Group, played a key role on this case. Managing partner, Daniel Ocasio, worked tirelessly since 2017 as part of the litigation team and Director of Investigations, Christopher Piacentile, was the originating and lead investigator. This settlement showcased the dedication and expertise that these two individuals bring to the Daniel J. Ocasio Whistleblower Law Group.

Daniel Ocasio, Christopher Piacentile, and the rest of the team would like to thank the brave individuals who came forward to do the right thing and demand justice. Coming forward as a whistleblower is not an easy task, but it is an important one that can make a difference.

If you find yourself in a position where you witness fraudulent activity, reach out to the team at the Daniel J. Ocasio Whistleblower Law Group. They will provide a supportive, confidential environment to speak freely, and assist in holding organizations accountable.

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