HOUSTON, Dec. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Wellness 4 Humanity, a social enterprise whose mission is to provide easier access to highly accurate COVID-19 infection and antibody testing, announced today it has launched online sales for the first at-home COVID-19 testing kit to feature both a rapid antigen and RT-PCR saliva test, which are highly effective tests for determining active COVID-19 infections.

The launch comes on the heels of the busiest week of travel the U.S. has seen since the onset of the pandemic, with numbers only expected to grow as Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve near.

“Millions of Americans traveled during the Thanksgiving holiday, indicating there’s an enormous pent-up demand to see family and friends this holiday season after months of isolation. Despite warnings and rising cases around the country, it’s clear that people are going to travel and gather, so our goal is to bring them together again in the safest way possible through easy access to fast and highly accurate COVID-19 tests,” said Lian Nguyen Pham, CEO and co-founder of Wellness 4 Humanity.

Wellness 4 Humanity’s at-home testing kit consists of two tests — one meant to be taken prior to traveling and a second to be taken once you arrive at your destination — to give people an extra layer of assurance that they do not have an active COVID-19 infection that can be spread to loved ones.

TRUSTPASS Rapid Antigen At-Home Test Kit provides results in just 15 minutes, with no shipping or lab work required, and has 97.4% accuracy and 100% specificity, meaning false positives are unlikely. The At-Home Saliva RT-PCR Test is simply done through a saliva collection rather than through the invasive and uncomfortable nasopharyngeal “brain scraping” swabs and sent to a partner lab using a prepaid FedEx shipping label. Customers receive their results from the saliva RT-PCR test within 48 hours with 99% accuracy. Results are sent to customers via TRUSTPASS™, an app through which Wellness 4 Humanity issues test results and declares someone “COVID-19 safe.”

“Wellness 4 Humanity’s COVID-19 antigen, RT-PCR, and antibody testing is some of the most accurate tests available on the market today and, what’s more, our partner’s labs are able to deliver test results significantly faster than many hospitals and other clinical settings,” said Dr. Vian Nguyen, National Medical Director for Wellness 4 Humanity and board-certified physician who currently serves as chief medical officer at Legacy Community Health in Houston. “While we wait for a vaccine to become widely available, fast and accurate testing is crucial to slowing the further spread of COVID-19 and allowing Americans to get back to normal.”

“Wellness 4 Humanity’s speedy and highly accurate testing has been critical to us during this season to help ensure that our athletes, personnel, and their loved ones are remaining safe from the virus,” said Andrew Saltzman, executive vice president, chief revenue officer for the Atlanta Hawks, and one of Wellness 4 Humanity’s professional sports clients. “We have appreciated their accessibility, transparency and top-notch customer service over the past few months, and their partnership has provided us with a sense of comfort during these unprecedented times.”

Wellness 4 Humanity is currently offering a “Now & Later” promotion valid through Dec. 22, which includes a Rapid Antigen At-Home Test Kit at no cost with the purchase of an At-Home Saliva RT-PCR Test for $149 (plus shipping).

For more information about Wellness 4 Humanity and its locations, or to order your at-home testing kit, please visit www.w4humanity.com.

About Wellness 4 Humanity

Wellness 4 Humanity was created by a group of science- and medical-focused social entrepreneurs who saw a huge opportunity to use their knowledge and resources to do their part to help protect communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wellness 4 Humanity is supported by a medical advisory board led by National Medical Director Dr. Vian Nguyen, a board-certified physician who currently serves as the chief medical officer at Legacy Community Health in Houston.

Wellness 4 Humanity is proud to partner with corporations such as Marriott, IHG Hotels & Resorts, Zappos, CVS Pharmacy, and Orangetheory Fitness, as well as major entertainment studios and recording artists, private companies, professional sports teams like the Atlanta Hawks, and more, to conduct testing for their employees and clients. In addition to at-home testing kits, Wellness 4 Humanity has several in-person testing sites in Atlanta, Houston, and Honolulu, with future locations slated to open in Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco in early 2021. For more information about Wellness 4 Humanity, visit www.w4humanity.com.

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