MILWAUKEE, Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As we enter the final days of early voting in the crucial state of Wisconsin, the nonpartisan Vote Wisconsin app and website introduced this year have proven to be instrumental in reaching new and unregistered voters. These digital tools, developed by non-partisan organization Wisconsin Voices, secured over 26,000 new voter registrations, and is responsible for additional tens of thousands of referrals to the state online registration site. The website alone engaged over 160,000 new users with voter registration services and information.

With ease, Wisconsin residents were able to check voter registration status, fill out a simple form, and upload proof of residence allowing Vote Wisconsin to send their data to the appropriate clerk–bypassing the need for the registrant to print and mail in their paperwork. Individuals and nonpartisan organizations all over the state have been leveraging these convenient tools. The Vote Wisconsin resources have been an effective asset in the effort to increase voter registrations, and will continue to be used beyond the 2020 election cycle.

“In the climate of COVID, Vote Wisconsin supported residents in safely and efficiently registering to vote–from the comfort of their homes, computers or phones,” said Lisa Lucas, Communications Director of Wisconsin Voices. “We’ve registered nearly 30,000 new voters across all demographics and ages. Most notably, 20% of the users of our registration website are 18-24 year olds and nearly 25% of users were ages 24-34. Knowing the power of the youth vote, we’re happy this technology may have played a major role in them participating in this election.”

In addition to handling the registration process from A to Z, has served as a resource for registered Wisconsin voters—providing guidance for returning ballots, finding early voting locations, and even recruiting poll workers. For more info, watch the video about the Vote Wisconsin initiative here.

About Wisconsin Voices:
Wisconsin Voices is a coalition of over 60 nonpartisan organizations in Wisconsin. We envision a Wisconsin where every person has the means, motivation, and freedom to fully participate in a just democracy that provides opportunities for all people to thrive.

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