Launched on time and on budget, the City has remotely deployed this project in multiple phases, prioritizing COVID-19 response. The first phase equipped their Emergency Communications and Citizen Services operations with the ability to review and accept community-based donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies. In the second phase, the City implemented COVID-19 Financial Relief Applications and Citizen Remote Appointment Scheduling. Virginia Beach is leveraging the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for two COVID relief fund programs: City Services Bill Pandemic Relief, and Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Relief. Citizens who lost their jobs or income due to COVID-19 may use the online portal to submit and track their applications for assistance. Departments are empowered to collaborate on application review, validation and approval. The reporting process is streamlined by collecting and processing applicant progress reports digitally.

 “The City endeavors to deliver a seamless citizen experience and sustainable municipal services every day but especially during this pandemic,” said David Bradley, the City’s Deputy City Manager for Infrastructure. “We understand COVID-19 has financially impacted many residents in our community. This relief effort is about helping people get back on their feet.”

With COVID-19 reshaping service delivery, the City of Virginia Beach shifted to a primarily virtual environment to accommodate citizen needs. Municipal buildings continue to operate at reduced occupancy based on the Governor’s COVID-19 guidelines.

Virginia Beach is the first city to implement Incapsulate’s Remote Appointment Scheduling Application, which helps digitize the delivery of mission-critical services provided by the City’s Commissioner of the Revenue. Citizens are no longer required to physically stand in line for services. Instead, the application lets residents connect with a local government office by offering the option to schedule, manage or cancel an appointment online or via their mobile device at any time. Once the appointment has been scheduled, citizens receive a custom QR code for contactless check-in. The Remote Appointment Scheduling Application provides citizens a more convenient way to interact with the City.

“Online access is a necessity as we comply with social distancing requirements and capacity limitations,” said Peter Wallace, the City’s chief information officer. “The City regularly identifies opportunities to implement technology that enhances our customer service capabilities.”

Designed to be configurable by business users, Incapsulate 311 removes the need for custom development, accelerating time to implementation and lowering overall operating costs and maintenance.

About Incapsulate

Since 2008, Incapsulate has helped organizations realize true digital transformation and achieve lasting results. With expertise including cloud-based technologies, agile methodologies, digital analytics, and mobile solutions, we serve clients ranging from the Fortune 500 to state and local governments across the United States. We specialize in industry-focused solutions in areas such as Citizen Services Delivery and Financial Services. At present, more than 8 million individuals across North America can access our Citizen Engagement product suite (known as the 311 Capsule).

Headquartered in Washington DC, Incapsulate has additional offices in Boston, Toronto, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad.

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