ARLINGTON, Va., Dec. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A shocking video released by Got Freedom? today shows a police officer preventing GOP elected officials and presidential electors from entering the State Capitol building while Governor Whitmer and Democrat electors were allowed in the building. State police, called out by Governor Whitmer, even prohibited delivering paperwork and messages relating to the work of the elected officials and electors. 

This shutting down of the capitol prohibited Republicans legislators from expressing concerns about the manner in which the 2020 election was conducted.

Michigan legislators have expressed frustration in the failure of the Whitmer administration and Michigan’s Secretary of State to provide the access to ballots and voting machines necessary to ensure the election reflects the will of the Michigan electorate. Rather than be forthcoming, Secretary Benson has fought requests and court orders for such materials.

And today, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer prohibited legislators from expressing these concerns at the capitol while allowing Democrat electors and others inside the capitol.

In the video, attorney Ian Northon, who is affiliated with both Got Freedom? and The Amistad Project, attempts to help the electors and legislators gain access to the Capitol Building. Accompanied by both the electors and elected Republican officials, Northon can be seen trying to explain to a state police officer why the group is attempting to gain entry to the building, even noting the exact statute that entitles them to enter. The officer, who is physically blocking the doorway, appears to indicate that he is acting under orders from the Governor to prevent the Republican electors from entering. 

“For months, Governor Whitmer has proclaimed herself to be the law in Michigan, rather than being a part of the lawmaking process,” said Phill Kline, Director of the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, which has filed election integrity lawsuits in Michigan and other swing states challenging the lawfulness of the 2020 elections. “Her unconstitutional conduct was called to account by the Michigan Supreme Court, but unfortunately this has not deterred the Governor nor diminished her disdain for the democratic process, as she has closed the people’s house on the day federal law requires the selection of electors.”

Kline also expressed concern about legal threats targeting legislators emanating from Michigan’s Attorney General. “Michigan’s Attorney General has also worked to prevent transparency and public debate by threatening legislators with criminal investigation and lawyers with ethics complaints because she disagrees with them. Such threats belong in dictatorships, not democracies,” Kline said.

Attorney General Dana Nessel has tweeted such threats on more than one occasion.

Michigan citizens reside in a state that threatens dissenters with jail, picks economic winners and losers by shuttering some businesses and allowing others to flourish, and shutters the legislature on a date of legal significance while only allowing a pre-picked cadre of officials to enter the state capitol,” Kline added.

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