As Vaporesso grows in size and influence as an international brand, its capacity to influence positive change around the world expands. This growing ability contrasted with the COVID-19 outbreak resulted in the company ramping up corporate social responsibility initiatives throughout 2020. Through a global network of international partners, Vaporesso has been donating time, money, and energy to giving.

In France, Vaporesso CARE specifically chose the Christmas holiday as a time to give back. With COVID-19 still raging throughout the country and much of the rest of the world, many people were unable to spend time with their loved ones during the festive season. This, coupled with financial pressures meant that many people were in desperate need of support. Understanding this, Vaporesso CARE connected with local vape shops to give away free supplies, helping needy people throughout the holiday season. The food supplies have also been donated to a number of charity organizations with the intention of giving to an even wider range of people with the whole event receiving praise from a number of local media outlets such as OUEST FRANCE, LE COURRIER INDÉPENDANT and the municipality of Rives-en-Seine.

Regarding the distribution of relief supplies through French vape shops, Vaporesso Global Marketing Director, Niki Zhang, said “At Vaporesso, we take being a positive corporate citizen very seriously. Doing what we can to give back to the community is part of our global mission to make the world a better place.”

The Vaporesso CARE program is dedicated to charity and positive action projects. Initially put together to help international partners cope with the pandemic, it has since grown to represent much more than the fight against COVID-19. Vaporesso CARE is now dedicated to supporting communities around the world through working together with local vape shops and institutions and is set to continue to grow into the future.


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