“The money raised for the hospice will go towards helping many people and their families. We are a company that prides itself on giving back to our community and we look forward to doing it again. We hope, in this way, we can help out those in need,” the owner of Modfather Vapes said.

According to the feedback received by the hosting team, the event was very well-received. People love to help others, and this was an ideal way for them to show their kindness whilst also receiving vaping devices at a discounted price. The live show lasted for 7 hours and was attended by more than 2,000 people who made over 2600+ comments. The event raised a significant amount of funds, which had been donated to the East Lancashire Hospice.

As the main event sponsor, VAPORESSO fully supported Modfather Vapes in their hosting of the event and offered to provide the most updated vaping products for auction in the charity sale. The night was a great success and Modfather Vapes have decided to frequently host similar livestream shows on their official Facebook page to raise funds for the other needy institutions.

Owned by global vaping R&D giant and the vaping industry’s first publicly listed company, SMOORE International, VAPORESSO has inherited the company’s sense of responsibility. VAPORESSO shows great passion for making contributions to society, not only through its innovative and high-quality vaping products but also by giving back to communities in need. During the pandemic, VAPORESSO utilized its POWERSHOP channel to help international partners and local stores in the UK get through the testing times.

Regardless of industry or company, this year is destined to be an unusual year all round. Only with a strong sense of social responsibility and a willingness to support each other, can we overcome these difficulties together.


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