NEW YORK, Dec. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Khaled Salem, running for U.S. Senate against Chuck Schumer in 2022, is reaching out to New York State’s incredibly diverse electorate with appeals for unity among African American, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Asian-Americans, Latinos and others.  Khaled is forging an alliance of multiple groups that represent the broad range of communities in the state. The candidate also visited upstate New York, offering a fresh voice on issues for districts that tend to feel they are treated with indifference by New York City politicians.

“NY State is one of the most remarkable places in the world,” said Khaled. “We have communities representing dozens of nations and ethnic backgrounds, yet we are all Americans. Our motto in NY is ‘Excelsior,’ ever-upward, which is a perfect embodiment of my approach to representing the state in the Senate. We are all in this together, and we will move upward together—to greater success, freedom and security.”

Khaled has a unique perspective on the state’s makeup. If elected, he would be the first-ever immigrant Arab man to serve in the Senate. He added, “Believe me, as an immigrant I can say this with authority. There is no state as amazing as NY as a place of greatness and opportunity. It would be my highest honor to represent the state in Congress.

One of Khaled’s signature issues, which involve new laws to protect dual American citizens from discrimination and inequality in American embassies, has broad appeal to many of New York’s ethnic communities. To this end, Khaled is asking the United States Department of State to start, as soon as possible, to make the place of birth optional on U.S. passports to protect dual citizens abroad from discrimination in most international Airports around the world. In this context, Khaled is advising President-elect Joseph Biden not to provide aid to Egypt.

His other proposed legislation, for free university education for Americans, speaks directly to the ambitions and frustrations of thousands of families in New York state spanning the entire spectrum of identity. “Education will lead us to prosperity,” Khaled shared. “It should be available for free for New Yorkers. I urge New Yorkers to look at free university not as an expense, but as an investment… in ourselves and our better future.”

Khaled’s reception upstate involved some perceived resistance to his candidacy due to his religion and national origins. However, he remains undeterred in his quest for upstate support. “The issues I care about are relevant to all New Yorkers,” he said. The university policy in particular resonated well with voters in Syracuse, Utica, Buffalo and Rochester.

Khaled also wishes all Americans a Happy and Healthy Holiday season. 

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