BOCA RATON, Fla., Oct. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TransMedia Group to expand the reach of ELearning for Seniors (, to older adults with enlightening news that will raise awareness about its many courses, programs, and activities designed to help seniors thrive in an increasingly digital age.

TransMedia Group plans to promote ELearning for Seniors’ coverage of a vast number of topics that cater to a wide audience of older adults looking to learn. Their long list of courses includes such subjects as stress management, how to operate Excel and PowerPoint, as well as a variety of niche lessons from food photography to Italian basics. 

“We expect to bring an abundance of traffic to this awesome new resource for seniors, especially during this pandemic when there is so much time to learn something new or pick up a new skill,” said TransMedia President, Adrienne Mazzone.

TransMedia will also arrange media bookings for ELearning for Seniors’ passionate founder Jerrold Burden, to speak on insights and trends in the digital learning space and how his creative programming brings a new level to higher education. Press releases will also announce new courses, programs, and exciting news about the online platform that will keep the senior community informed.

TransMedia Group is the perfect team whose resources will really help skyrocket the reach and impact of ELearning for Seniors’ services,” Burden said.

“Education doesn’t need to end after a certain age,” added Burden. “That’s why I created this non-profit, easily accessible online resource for the older generation to keep learning whenever, wherever!” 

TransMedia will also position ELearning for Seniors as a helpful resource for caregivers looking to enhance their knowledge of senior technologies and how to best attend to the special needs that all seniors encounter as they age. With aesthetic and professional graphic design, TransMedia plans to promote the organization’s message that aging is nothing to be ashamed of, but rather a time to celebrate maturity and discovery.

ELearning for Seniors also prides itself on being an online community where older adults can connect, build friendships, and share experiences,” said Burden.

TransMedia looks forward to sharing the testimonies and stories of seniors who benefit from this online platform and achieve diverse advances in education. 

For more information on ELearning for Seniors, visit them at:

Contact: Jessenia Hernandez | [email protected] | 561-853-5321

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