The Seattle 2030 District has been relentlessly working on lowering the impacts of the built environment since 2011, by collaborating with public and private partners to reduce water and energy use, pollution from stormwater, and carbon emissions from transportation by 2030.

Most of us know that to avoid a global climate crisis, we need to limit the temperature increase by 1.5 degrees as outlined by the Paris Agreement. To meet this crucial goal, we need to reduce the amount of C02 emissions by 50%-65% in buildings by 2030. According to the City of Seattle’s Office of Sustainability & Environment website, 35% of these emissions come from building energy and 62% from transportation.

For more details, view our 2020 progress report here.

We are excited to engage people from all over the country to get acquainted with our work and community and to invite students and young professionals interested in sustainability to join us. Free registration is now open.

About Seattle 2030 District: The Seattle 2030 District is part of a national network that breaks down market barriers to building efficiency in an effort to make Seattle and the surrounding communities more sustainable, and contribute to the region’s environmental resilience, livability, and affordability.

Contact: Ann Enomoto [email protected]; phone (206) 390-4009

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