The Crisis Tracker is a project of Invisible Children, an international NGO working to end violent conflict and foster thriving ecosystems in solidarity with the world’s most at-risk communities. The Crisis Tracker, which is supported, in part, with funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), also produces reports of trends and threats related to armed group activity and inter-communal violence. These reports are shared with key international stakeholders and local partner organizations to inform civilian protection interventions and wildlife protection efforts.

The Crisis Tracker will receive a $5,000 USD cash award and will be honored today as part of the “10 Days of .ORG” online experience that celebrates the range of achievements that have healed, inspired, transformed and connected communities over the past year. Each day of the 10-day celebration places a spotlight on award-winning organizations and individuals making our communities a better place.

“The impact of armed conflict on vulnerable civilians often gets lost without relevant and timely data,” said Maya Moseley, Crisis Tracker analyst at Invisible Children. “The Crisis Tracker allows us not only to inform policy and increase public awareness, but also to protect civilians from further harm. We are honored to win the .ORG Impact Award and we look forward to continuing our mission of protecting the most isolated communities of central Africa.”

“Congratulations to The Crisis Tracker for being named the 2020 .ORG Impact Award winner in the Innovation category,” said Jon Nevett, President and CEO of the Public Interest Registry. “This project breaks the mold and reimagines solutions to regional insecurity and armed group violence in an impactful way and we celebrate their outstanding and important contributions.”

This year, PIR saw an extremely impressive group of submissions showcasing the diverse and inspiring work taking place in the .ORG Community. Thank you to everyone who participated in the .ORG Impact Awards.

More than 500 organizations and individuals submitted entries to the 2020 .ORG Impact Awards. Submissions were reviewed and scored by a panel of judges who are leaders in the Internet, non-profit and marketing sectors. All nominations were required to be tied to an active website with a .ORG domain.

Award winners will receive donation amounts of up to $30,000 USD to an eligible charitable entity of their choice. Please visit for complete rules and information.

10 Days of .ORG Schedule

Day One: Combating Coronavirus

Monday, November 30th

Day Two: Promoting Education

Tuesday, December 1st

Day Three: Outstanding Volunteer

Wednesday, December 2nd

Day Four: Championing Equality, Equity and Inclusion

Thursday, December 3rd

Day Five: Innovation

Friday, December 4th

Day Six: Advancing Environmental Sustainability

Monday, December 7th

Day Seven: .ORG Newcomer of the Year

Tuesday, December 8th

Day Eight: Fighting Hunger and Poverty

Wednesday, December 9th

Day Nine: Promoting a Safer Internet

Thursday, December 10th

Day Ten: .ORG of the Year

Friday, December 11th

About Crisis Tracker
The Crisis Tracker is a geospatial database and reporting project that tracks and analyzes armed group activity and conflict-related incidents in a remote tri-border border region encompassing eastern Central African Republic, northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo and southwestern South Sudan.

About .ORG
.ORG is the original purpose-driven “generic” top-level domain (gTLD) with more than 10 million domain names registered worldwide. .ORG is open to everyone, providing a global platform for organizations, associations, clubs, businesses and individuals to bring their ideas to life. For more than 30 years, .ORG has built an enduring legacy of trust, preserving an open and secure Internet where diverse communities can establish a trusted online identity and freely share ideas. .ORG is powered by the non-profit Public Interest Registry (PIR). PIR has been a champion for a free and open Internet for more than 15 years with a clear mission to be an exemplary domain name registry, provide a trusted digital identity and help educate those who dedicate themselves to improving our world. PIR was founded by the Internet Society ( in 2002 and is based in Reston, Virginia, USA. Visit for more information.

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