In response to the school closures and loss of learning due to the pandemic, Math Motivators moved quickly yet cautiously from in-person to virtual tutoring. From May through August, Math Motivators launched six virtual tutoring pilot programs in six cities in six states. A total of 48 students, in grades 6–11, and 22 tutors participated in the pilot programs. Tutors logged over 200 volunteer hours of virtual tutoring, including over 20 hours of virtual tutoring training, during these pilots. 

“Now the opportunity gap has widened even further for underserved students due to the challenges imposed upon the schools by the pandemic,” said Barry Jacobson, Math Motivators Founder. “This fall, Math Motivators is already responding by providing virtual tutoring to students in at least a dozen states plus the District of Columbia.”

“We have been in contact with over 80 sites regarding establishing an AY2020–21 Math Motivators virtual tutoring program. As of this week, the program is running at 22 sites, and another 25 are planning to kick-off the program by December,” said Karen Lindebrekke, Math Motivators Program Manager. “At least 20 additional sites are planning to start a virtual tutoring program this year, but they have postponed their start dates until after the winter break due to the challenges of school scheduling caused by the pandemic.”

This year, Math Motivators staff anticipate serving well over 1,000 students. To meet the needs of these students, Math Motivators is enlisting more than 700 math experts as volunteer tutors, all of whom have been or soon will be trained in the art of tutoring, with special emphasis on best practices for effective virtual tutoring. 

Learn more about Math Motivators virtual tutoring by watching a short video segment of a tutoring session featuring a Math Motivators tutor and a middle school student from Horizons for Youth.  

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