Scholars Of Sustenance Served 130,000 Meals On World Food Day

BANGKOK and BALI, Indonesia, Oct. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — 15 Community Kitchens, 11 Hotel Kitchens, 8 Private Individuals, 2 Manufacturing Companies, and 1 Red Cross Chapter (Phuket) helped Scholars of Sustenance cook for the World Food Day last October 16, 2021. A massive cooking event that fed 117 communities across Bangkok, Phuket, Hua Hin and Bali, with hundreds of volunteers helping us with all the preparation, cooking and distribution. Thanks to everyone for making this record-breaking number of meals served on this year’s World Food Day celebration! 

The bulk of cooking was held in Phuket, led by Jack, our Food Rescue Manager, who mobilized all of our active Community Kitchens and coordinated with different hotel properties that volunteered to help with the event. They managed to cook and serve 100,509 meals in different locations to help many vulnerable communities who are in deep financial sufferings due to lack of incomes. It was reported that the monthly per capita in Phuket is just B1,930 a month.  

The event was graced by the Phuket City Mayor, Phuket Provincial Chief Administration office, Phuket Provincial Administration Organization (PPAO or OrBorJor), and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Society.  

Every year, we highlight local dishes to celebrate its rich history so that we can also promote them. We cooked Chicken Coconut Soup or also known as “Tom Kha Gai“, Fermented Fish Entrails Soup or “Tai Pla“, Stir-fried Red Curry with Chicken, Steamed Banana Cake, just to name a few. Thanks also to Lactasoy Company Limited and KU Milk for providing fresh milk that were enjoyed by many kids, as well as some rescued fruits we got from different donors. 

In Bangkok, we also conducted several workshops on our “Save Food Good Future” event. We had “Zero Waste Kitchen 101”, “Fusion without Confusion with Chef Daniel”, “Homemade and No Waste Lemonade by Wasteland”, “Compost Workshop by SOS”, “Planetary Health Cooking”, and then we ended it with a “Save Food Good Future Roundtable Discussion” with some of the industry experts sharing on how to build a better and sustainable food system in Thailand. 

Meanwhile in Bali, in the midst of all the preparation for the World Food Day, the city experienced a major Earthquake that caused so much casualties. So far, more than 363 homes were totally demolished and still lots of remote places hasn’t been evaluated. SOS Bali Team took on the challenge and immediately organized a relief aid. Our cooling trucks raced up to the mountain, and served more than 17,000 meals that went to all the victims.  

Bo Holmgreen, SOS founder says, “Every day in SOS is a matter of getting the urgent help out to the right places! So, within the next couple of days, SOS Bali will keep sending help, and an estimated 40,000 meals will be provided to the earthquake area of Ban.”

Thanks again to all of our amazing partners who made this year’s World Food Day celebration a success! 

SOURCE SOS NC, Thailand (Bangkok) and Indonesia (Bali)

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