BALTIMORE, Oct. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — From Africa to the USA via Europe where he spent twelve years studying in Italy and working in Germany, Dr. Zekeh Gbotokuma has experienced many years of exclusion and socio-political alienation. As a naturalized citizen of the USA, he has used his voting privilege and writing about U.S. politics as the expression of his belonging and contributing to his new country and humanity.

DEMOCRACY AND DEMOGRAPHICS IN THE USA is a wakeup call and conscience-awakening book. It is a roadmap showing how Democrats can use the power of demographics to “Build Back Better” (Biden) on their midterm elections success and transform the ‘blue wave’ into a ‘blue tsunami’ in the 2020 elections. “The squad” or the blue wave was attributable to ‘Obamacare’ as the most important issue for the majority of the American voters. A blue tsunami in November means winning the presidency and both chambers of Congress. This will depend on Democrats’ ability to focus on the increasing importance of healthcare as a basic human right. This should be the case because of COVID-19 that has infected more than 8 million Americans and killed more than 223,000 as of October 23, 2020. President Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic is due to his assault on science, denialism, and over-politicization of the coronavirus.

Through wisdom and patriotism, Dems should expose and learn from Trump’s self-inflicted wounds. Democratic candidates must explain to the electorate what makes Trump uniquely unfit to serve as POTUS and leader of the free world. His missteps include, for example, his divisive rhetoric, racist comments, lies, “This Russia Thing,” chaotic administration, the impeachment, and isolationism.

A blue tsunami is necessary to avoid a constitutional crisis. To this end, Dems need the Obamas’ support. They must understand the importance of demographics in forging “the new majority” and building a winning coalition. This requires Dems’ ability to unify, synergize, and galvanize all progressive initiatives and organizations that are committed to restoring normalcy in Washington. They include Women’s March, Black Lives Matter, The Poor People’s Campaign, Fair Fight, When We All Vote, Voto Latino, and even ‘Never Trumpers.’

Joe Biden’s political comeback in the South Carolina’s Primaries epitomized the power of black votes. The Biden-Harris Ticket and Campaign Team make the Build Back Better slogan sound like a Better Business Bureau-accredited enterprise. Biden’s selection of an Afro-Asian American woman as his running mate is a demography-conscious move. It is indicative of his willingness to deal with, “the injustice of the knee on the neck” through unity, healing, and a peace through racial justice.

The 2020 presidential election should not be “a vote between “WE THE PEOPLE” and “Me the President.” Unfortunately, we are dealing with a POTUS who would not mind transforming the USA from a republic to an Absolute Monarchy. The free world is watching. World’s autocrats are looking forward to celebrating the collapse of “the first modern democracy” (Tocqueville 1954) and salute the beginning of ‘Trumpian Exceptionalism.’ Will the American voters let it happen? RSVP!

The book is available first in print through Amazon (October) and subsequently in electronic version through most e-reader devices.

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DR. ZEKEH GBOTOKUMA earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Gregorian University, post-doctoral diploma in International Studies from the Italian Society for International Organization, all in Rome, Italy. He is a polyglot, lexicographer, and a Congolese-American who refers to himself as a ‘cosmocitizen.’ After twelve years of education and work in Europe (Italy, Germany, France), he is currently an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He is the Founding President of Polyglots in Action for Diversity, Inc. (PAD) and Organizer of the Baltimore Polyglots Meetup Group. He is the former Director of the Center for Global Studies at Morgan State University. His “extraordinary commitment to global learning and international understanding” made him the recipient of the prestigious Dr. Sandye Jean McIntyre, II International Award 2008. He is also a recipient of Afrimpact Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People 2017. He is the author of numerous multilingual publications, including but not limited to A Polyglot Pocket Dictionary of Lingala, English, French, and Italian; Global Safari: Checking In and Checking Out in Pursuit of World Wisdoms, the American Dream, and Cosmocitizenship, and A Pan-African Encyclopedia.

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