Privacy regulation alone will not be enough to fix what is wrong with internet platforms – we require safety regulations and antitrust intervention, as well – but is a necessary part of the solution said Roger McNamee, Author of “Zucked” and featured expert in “The Social Dilemma” “Prop 24 is the essential complement that delivers most of what CCPA originally promised. Please join me in voting YES on Prop 24 to strengthen consumer privacy laws in California.”

Other leading international and national privacy experts validate that Prop 24 will strengthen privacy laws

“For the first time, we will have a legal definition of cross-context behavioral advertising and a legal framework that allows publishers to use their own ‘first party’ data, but limits the tech industry’s ability to steal publishers’ audiences and heir data,” said Johnny Ryan, Senior Fellow, Irish Council for Civil Liberties. “I contributed to the text of Prop 24 and I believe that it will materially improve everybody’s privacy and will help publishers too.”

California leads the nation in environmental protection, automobile safety and now data privacy,” said Ashkan Soltani, Former FTC Chief Technologist and White House Senior Advisor. “Please join me in voting YES on Prop 24 to enshrine privacy rights for every Californian and raise the bar for the rest of the nation.” 

In a recent poll released by Goodwin/Simon, 81 percent of 605 likely California voters support Proposition 24.

Other notable supporters of Proposition 24 include: Common Sense Media, Consumer Watchdog, AFSCME California, the NAACP of California, California Professional Firefighters and many more.

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