ATLANTA, March 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and Pixsy join forces to provide PPA members with all the assistance monitoring where and how their images are being used online, and tools to manage any misuse or infringements. With this new offering, PPA members will be able to protect their portfolios by monitoring photos, preventing and fighting against unlicensed use and copyright infringement.

Both Pixsy and the PPA believe in protecting the rights of visual creators and upholding the integrity of the photographic industry. As a nonprofit, PPA empowers photographers through education, business resources, and copyright advocacy. Earlier this year, the organization helped pass the CASE Act, which establishes a small claims process for visual creators whose work has been misused.

“This new partnership reflects PPA’s commitment to helping photographers grow sustainable businesses,” Kristan Hartman, PPA’s Director of Membership, said. “Ensuring our members have control over their creative work is central to that mission, and Pixsy’s software and services help photographers do just that.” 

Pixsy CEO Kain Jones echoed this message. “At Pixsy, we believe that the enforcement of legal rights should not be reserved for the few but instead be accessible to any photographer in need of support,” Jones said. “Since our inception in 2014, we have kept to this belief, and to date, we have tackled over 100,000 copyright infringement cases across the globe. Each day, we monitor and protect over 100 million photos for our 85,000 members.”

PPA photographers now have that same access to image monitoring, takedown notices, case submission, and copyright registrations at an affordable price. “Our range of services helps equip creatives with the tools to recover lost licensing revenue and damages, including an extensive network of international law partners and integration with the US Copyright Office,” Jones said.

Professional photographers spend countless hours editing, publishing, and promoting their work. Tackling image theft is another hurdle for creatives trying to make a living in the digital age. PPA members can now utilize Pixsy’s suite of tools to better protect the value and integrity of their work online, including image monitoring, takedown notices, case submission and copyright registrations.

About PPA:

With over 30,000 members in more than 50 countries, the PPA is a trusted partner for photographers everywhere for over 150 years.  Members rely on the PPA for the resources that they have curated to help photographers run their businesses successfully.

About Pixsy:

Founded by photographers in 2014 to fight for the rights of artists and photographers, Pixsy is an award-winning legal-tech service for online image protection and copyright enforcement. Actively protecting the images of photographers, agencies, artists, and illustrators, their pioneering AI-powered solution has uncovered more than 300 million matches. This 24/7 image monitoring solution is coupled with an expert case resolution service that recovers lost revenue for creatives. Pixsy partners with 25 law firms across the world and has handled 100,000 copyright infringement cases.

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