NEW YORK, Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Plus1Vote – a nonpartisan nonprofit organization dedicated to getting out the vote and improving the representation of young people and people of color in our democracy – will provide free rides to the polls for the Georgia US Senate runoff election. Georgians can enter the voucher code “VoteGA” in the Uber app or use this Voucher Link to receive transportation to and from the polls paid in full by Plus1Vote. “We are excited to use the innovative tools that Uber has to offer in order to provide broader voting access in Georgia,” Plus1Vote co-founder, Roshan Mody, said.

Low-income eligible voters, as well as younger adults and seniors, are frequently prevented from voting because they lack access to or cannot afford transportation. 29% of our youth who do not vote cite a lack of transportation as a reason. As part of our goal to mobilize a record number of voters in Georgia and remove this barrier, Plus1Vote will provide free, round trip rides to the polls on election day, January 5th, and during early voting, which started on December 14th. The code is available for use in all of Georgia’s 159 counties and to all polling locations.

A lot is at stake in the Georgia Senate Runoffs. “Georgia is no stranger to intense voter suppression efforts. It is essential that we mobilize voters, remove barriers, and support local organizers to get out the vote. All eyes are on Georgia,” Plus1Vote co-founder, Saad Amer, said.

“We can’t stop at registering or motivating people to vote. If you are intent on giving a voice to the voiceless in our democracy, you must work to eliminate the structural barriers that prevent people from voting. Whether it is voter ID laws, shuttering polling locations, or being unable to get to the polls because of financial constraints, there are many discrete ways in which people are disenfranchised. Georgia is ground zero in the fight against voter suppression, and money shouldn’t keep someone from voting.” – Roshan Mody, Co-founder of Plus1Vote 

“You don’t typically think of getting to the polls as a financial hurdle, but that was a reality for 15 million Americans in 2016, an election that was decided by only 70 thousand votes. With a record number of people unemployed and a massive pandemic, we must do all we can to provide access to the ballot so Georgians can get the representation they deserve.” – Saad Amer, Co-founder, Plus1Vote

Download bios on Saad Amer and Roshan Mody, founders of Plus1Vote here. Both Saad and Roshan are available for interviews.

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