DALLAS, Jan. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pizza Inn is known as America’s Hometown Pizza Place because the brand stays squarely focused on creating a close-knit community centered on traditional American values. These values include the preservation of American democracy, which millions of brave men and women have fought to protect. And our democracy’s very foundation relies on fair and transparent elections.

As the New Year begins, our nation continues to be divided over the results of the recent election. Millions of Americans believe that widespread voter fraud may have changed the results of the Presidential election. We believe this is probable, but the fact that we can’t say for certain is what concerns us most.

“Like most Americans, we are alarmed by the uncertainties and resulting lack of faith in our election system,” said Brandon Solano, Chief Executive Officer of Rave Restaurant Group, Inc. “We have a right to fair elections with unchallenged legitimacy, and that begins with a system that is both transparent and secure. Whether your candidate won or lost, we should all have confidence in a process that helps us celebrate, or at least accept, the results. The current election system is dangerous for our democracy, breeding uncertainty, unrest and in some extreme cases, political violence. This has to stop.”

Pizza Inn is not advocating to overturn the election, nor do we think hastily certifying the results in Congress tomorrow is appropriate. We are simply saying that since we don’t know what happened, the prudent course of action is to conduct a 10-day audit of the vote to make certain that the man we inaugurate as President of the United States on January 20 is the rightful winner.

We fully understand the risks of wading into such heated political waters, but we believe some things – such as America’s election integrity – are too important to stand by silently.

In addition, as a leader in its communities, Pizza Inn is asking lawmakers to take steps to rebuild confidence in the voting process so that America’s hometowns can come together to celebrate our democracy in future elections.

We at Pizza Inn aren’t Constitutional scholars. We’re experts at making amazing pizza and salads (that is, when governors and other elected officials aren’t shutting down our dining rooms). Nevertheless, we believe that making the following commonsense changes to our federal election laws will help restore the integrity of our system and, at a minimum, create an auditable paper trail so that future disputes can be resolved unequivocally:

  • Requiring valid identification of all voters;
  • Matching signature, address and identification on all ballots;
  • Eliminating electronic voting machines until they have the ability to be audited;
  • Exclusively using paper ballots, for audit and recount purposes;
  • Eliminating mail-in ballots, as we should not prioritize voter convenience over election integrity; and,
  • Restricting absentee ballots, with exceptions for military, college students, disabled persons and the elderly.

“We will no doubt be vilified by some for these reasonable and responsible suggestions,” continued Solano. “We may even be accused of supporting voter suppression for recommending solutions that we believe would advance the cause of election integrity. But pursuing this worthy, non-partisan goal is not suppression; it’s democracy in action.”

“We feel that we have a responsibility as a proud and patriotic American company to go on-the-record with our concerns, and our recommendations,” said Solano. “We believe in the United States of America and have confidence that God will see our country through this troubling time. We leave our thoughts and next steps in the hands of our elected officials…whoever they may be.”

Pizza Inn respects citizens’ rights to agree or disagree with us, boycott us or visit us in solidarity. We simply ask that each of us remains civil in our discussions, confident in the knowledge that we all love our country and want what’s best for it.

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Founded in 1958, Pizza Inn is an international pizza chain featuring traditional and specialty pizzas, as well as freshly made pastas, sandwiches and desserts. Pizza Inn is a subsidiary of RAVE Restaurant Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: RAVE) based in Dallas. RAVE owns, franchises and supplies more than 200 Pizza Inn and Pie Five restaurants operating domestically and internationally. For more information, please visit pizzainn.com.

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