TUCSON, Ariz., Nov. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — “We are excited to announce today that two NextMed Holdings companies have joined the Our Mayberry platform, said Our Mayberry CEO, Shawn Tacey. The two companies – NextMed Laser and Maritime Lithotripsy – provide the highest possible level of medical services, focused on treating conditions like kidney stones.

“What’s particularly gratifying for us,” continued Tacey, “is that a multi-million dollar corporation, who can choose any payment processing partner they want, has selected Our Mayberry, specifically because we help support community causes with every transaction.”

NextMed was founded in Tucson, AZ in 1996, and has since grown to support 1,000s of physicians and facilities across the United States.

Chris Gleason, a co-founder of NextMed said, “we are committed not just to providing the best technology and services for our customers, but also to providing support for the community and causes we believe in. Our Mayberry reduced our card processing fees so much that we are able to both fund those causes that are so important to us and our employees and drop significant additional saving to our bottom line.”

“Our foundation, #MillionMaskProject, provides PPE to frontline healthcare workers who continue to struggle to get the protective equipment they need,” continued Gleason. “Additionally, being part of the Our Mayberry community has exposed our foundation to other Mayberrians who are now supporting us from their own transactional savings.”

Gleason also noted that, “we appreciate the high level of transparency that the Our Mayberry platform provides, by ensuring that the contributions tied to each transaction are split off and sent directly to the nonprofit beneficiary. This not only cuts administrative costs for us, but guarantees that no one other than the nonprofit we are supporting handles the money.”

Tacey highlighted extensions of the Our Mayberry financial technology capabilities as helping to secure the relationship with NextMed. “Our development team quickly and effectively built the technology needed so NextMed could transition seamlessly to our platform without changing their processes. We also are creating a portal for patients who receive treatments using NextMed technology and services, for use when the patient is paying a portion of the bill. By adding these new capabilities,” Tacey commented, “we demonstrate once again that we have the technical prowess to adapt our platform as needed to address the requirements of any customer, anywhere.”

MEDIA ALERT: Media interested in interviewing Our Mayberry Founder and CEO Shawn Tacey should contact Lee Keller, [email protected], 206.799.3805. More information on Our Mayberry can be found in the company’s press kit here.

About Our Mayberry

Our Mayberry is a cause-driven commerce platform where supporters can shop online or in-store to generate a sustainable source of funding for the nonprofit causes they are passionate about, and where companies can grow their business in an authentic way, gain community recognition and develop greater customer loyalty by supporting the causes that are important to their community. Learn more by visiting www.ourmayberry.com

About NextMed

NextMed provides the best patient-centered lithotripsy services favored by urologists across the US.  They are proud to boast the highest success rates in the country, with the data to prove it. Founded in 1996 in Tucson, Arizona, NextMed was created with the idea that it could  improve a physician’s situation medically and financially, while offering a premier service to patients and facilities. Learn more by visiting https://www.nextmed.net

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