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Professor Vesselin Noninski provides objection to 2020 Nobel Prize in physics:

The 2020 Nobel Prize in physics is based on absurdity. Accepting, in effect, that one equals two, is an obvious absurdity, which has no place in science, let alone is it deserving of a Nobel Prize. Therefore, I am calling on the recipients of the 2020 Nobel Prize in physics, if there is a shred of decency remaining in them, to return their prize and to apologize for their contribution to the enormous material and intellectual damage incurred on humanity for over a century by the so-called “theory” of relativity. It is an affront to the basic intellect of humanity to tolerate, let alone praise such travesty of science.

 I have written a comprehensive book, entitled “Relativity is the Mother of All Fake News”, which can be read by following the link: In this book you will see the catastrophic error right in the founding 1905 paper, which entirely invalidates relativity and any further theory based on the Lorentz transformations, including theories about black holes, the subject of the 2020 Nobel Prize in physics.  I intended to present this book to the public when the news for the unfortunate 2020 Nobel Prize in physics reached me. The book discusses the problem in detail and presents the catastrophic argument which makes the removal from physics of relativity and progeny absolutely mandatory. Science disallows even astrology, clairvoyance and witchcraft let alone a “theory” which contradicts its own definition. Such “theory” cannot be part of science, to say nothing of its progeny deserving a Nobel Prize.

 I am available for a meeting at any time for further clarification and questions regarding this pressing problem of world science policy, trumping anything else promoted in recent years as having scientific importance. At the meeting I will have available a limited number of hard-copies of the book. 

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Vesselin C. Noninski

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