CHICAGO, Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL), a PreK-12 education-focused nonprofit school management organization, releases a new white paper, Repairing the Harm… Restorative Justice Succeeds When We Honor the Humanity of the Child.

The white paper shares the experiences of three Chicago Public School and Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL) Principals who introduced restorative practices in their schools. Their efforts are designed to create positive cultures where students learn to:

  • Resolve disagreements.
  • Take ownership of their behavior.
  • Repair the harm caused by their actions.
  • Engage in acts of empathy and forgiveness.

Classroom suspensions and expulsions can be biased towards students of color and neither improve school culture nor change student behavior. Restorative Justice practices provide a path for AUSL’s K-12 schools to:

  • Build trusting relationships among students and staff.
  • Increase the safety and productivity of the learning environment
  • Strengthen their community.

AUSL’s work is predicated on educational equity, excellence and continuous improvement. We believe every child has unlimited potential, regardless of their race or zip code. AUSL raises funds to develop principal, teacher training, and student-centered programs to support the whole child.

AUSL takes an active role in implementing restorative practices at its network of 31 Schools of Excellence. AUSL’s policies are designed to align with and complement those of Chicago Public Schools.

To view and download the white paper visit:

About AUSL
The Academy for Urban School Leadership is a nonprofit school management organization that manages three service lines: School management, the Chicago Teacher Residency, and Advisory Services. AUSL’s school management team partners with Chicago Public Schools to manage 31 neighborhood Schools of Excellence. The Chicago Teacher Residency was developed in partnership with CPS in 2001, with its first class of residents graduating in 2002/2003. With over 1,100 graduates, the Chicago Teacher Residency is one of the country’s early residency programs. AUSL offers advisory services to school districts across the country

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