WASHINGTON, Dec. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Markus Lindblad, Head of External Affairs of NicoKick’s parent company, the Haypp Group, today released the following statement in opposition to the California ban on flavored tobacco products: 

“In the last year, NicoKick has seen a rapidly growing number of Californians switch to a healthier, tobacco-free lifestyle and choose smokeless flavored nicotine products over more harmful combustible products. However, California’s flavor ban threatens to undo the progress these users have made and create widespread unintended public health risks to adult users who may now have no realistic option but to switch to cigarettes. Flavor bans don’t work, and though concerns about youth use of e-cigarettes are serious and justified, this ban unnecessarily overreaches and will make it difficult for adult tobacco users in California to switch to less harmful smoke-free products. While Californians who want to buy flavored smokeless products will still be able to buy online from NicoKick even if this law goes into effect, our company fundamentally opposes this flawed ban and urges voters to speak out in opposition to it.”

About NicoKick:
NicoKick is the world’s largest American e-commerce company in the smokeless industry. As users move away from traditional tobacco products toward healthier smokeless options, NicoKick’s sales have quadrupled in California this year because of their local expertise and convenience to customers in this state and others throughout the country. The site is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for consumers interested in learning more about and purchasing smokeless tobacco products. To learn more about NicoKick, visit the website at: https://nicokick.com/learn-more.


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