In part one of its series, NewsBlaze highlights the alleged corruption of David Monreal Ávila. The General Coordinator of Cattle Raising of Mexico was recently the subject of an exposè by one of Mexico’s most respected broadcasting outlets concerning a failed government loan program which was intended to help increase the incomes of Mexico’s most impoverished farmers and their families. Instead, the loan program has been plagued by a series of complaints concerning the purchase and sale of sick animals, as well as gross misuse of funding.

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It is imperative that there be a public light shone on corruption on the part of government officials, current and former, especially during these difficult economic times for ordinary citizens.

With the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and its associated lockdown continuing to rage on, it’s increasingly important that good government groups and journalists maintain a surgical focus on allegations of corruption by or through government officials, regardless of the country or region they may emanate from.  As a testament to unrivaled dedication to its readers, NewsBlaze intends to invest considerable resources on the ground in multiple regions to shed light on such corruption that is being perpetrated at the expense of everyday hardworking citizens.

“Governments all over the world are supposed to serve their people, but sometimes politicians and bureaucrats serve themselves, their families, and their friends instead. Power and money are the main reasons, but there are others, and those things eventually provide a trail for investigators to follow. Our aim is to serve the people,” said Alan Gray, NewsBlaze CEO.

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