NEW YORK, Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Some of the world’s biggest celebrities are appearing naked in a new ad to bring attention to laws that require voters in 16 states, including the important swing state of Pennsylvania, to insert their mail-in ballot into two separate envelopes in order to be counted. If the ballot is not inserted properly in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the ballot is considered “naked,” and rejected.  This “naked ballot rule” risks the rejection of hundreds of thousands of mail-in votes, which could significantly impact US election results.

Celebrities Tiffany Haddish, Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler, Naomi Campbell, Mark Ruffalo, Sarah Silverman and her father Donald, Josh Gad, and Ryan Michelle Bathe and a fully dressed Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat, star in the new PSA that playfully instruct voters on how to properly vote-by-mail, ahead of November’s critical presidential election.

View the PSA here.

The ad was created by RepresentUs, the non-partisan anti-corruption and pro-democracy group — but is being released unbranded for the broadest possible public distribution. It has been shared free of charge to hundreds of civic and political organizations across the political spectrum — from the Republican National Committee to the Democratic National Committee; from the R Street Institute to Indivisible — to share with their supporters. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, more Americans than ever before are expected to cast their 2020 election vote by mail. The ad’s goal is to clarify the necessary steps voters who are mailing in their ballots must take to make sure they are accepted by their state’s board of election and counted.

“Naked ballots are the new hanging chads,” said RepresentUs co-founder and CEO Josh Silver. “The fact is that if you use the wrong pen color or don’t assemble your mail-in ballot correctly, your vote may not count. This is not a partisan issue; it affects all people planning to vote by mail. We’re grateful to this committed and talented group for making an eye-catching video so that everyone understands what they need to do to ensure their vote is counted.”

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About RepresentUs
RepresentUs is the leading anti-corruption organization that is unrigging America’s broken political system. Co-Founded in 2012 by Josh Silver and Joshua Graham Lynn, they are leading a non-partisan movement of Americans dedicated to putting power back in the hands of the voters. Corruption and a rigged system have halted progress on the issues that Americans care most about, from healthcare to education to government spending.

Through the continued passage of state and local laws that fix our broken elections, fight against gerrymandering, stop political bribery, and end secret money, RepresentUs advocates for the federal passage of the bi-partisan American Anti-Corruption Act to restore a government that is once again by and for the people. To date, the movement has passed 114 transformative anti-corruption acts and resolutions in cities and states across the country—and in 2018 passed more anti-corruption reform than in any other year in America’s history.

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