CHICAGO, Dec. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ADA 25 Advancing Leadership, a nonprofit that develops and connects leaders with disabilities to opportunities for civic and career advancement, announced a new award to recognize its members who exemplify excellence in entrepreneurial leadership.

The Excellence in Entrepreneurial Leadership Award in Honor of Michael W. Ferro was established with support from ADA 25 Advancing Leadership Member and board director John Tuhey, principal at The Tuhey Law Firm in honor of his mentor, Michael Ferro, Jr. Mr. Tuhey wanted to recognize Michael Ferro’s commitment to the advancement of people with disabilities, particularly in the area of entrepreneurial leadership. This award recognizes a Member of Advancing Leadership who is an entrepreneur and is building a business, nonprofit or social enterprise that makes a positive impact on their community.

Applicants will be selected by a committee who represent expertise in entrepreneurism, tech, disability, and academia. They include: Adam Burke, Microsoft; Dr. Katherine Caldwell, University of Illinois at Chicago; Kim Holmes, That First Rung; Andre Johnson, Live Equipped and Kaizen Health; Pat Maher, SPR; and John Tuhey, The Tuhey Law Firm.

The recipient of the Excellence in Entrepreneurial Leadership Award will receive a grant toward attendance at a conference or training related to business, their industry, or another form of professional development essential to business development. They will also have access to other entrepreneurial leaders and mentors at companies like Microsoft, 1871 and SPR.

About ADA 25 Advancing Leadership: ADA 25 Advancing Leadership has a bold strategy and groundbreaking programs—the first of their kind in the nation—for bringing greater disability inclusion to tables of power and influence in the region, and we are working to increase civic engagement and diverse leadership by developing and building a network of leaders with disabilities. To get involved or make a donation, visit

About The Tuhey Law Firm: Founded in 2016, The Tuhey Law Firm specializes in providing risk balanced business advisory and advocacy services to a diverse group of select clients. The Tuhey Law Firm is a certified disabled owned business located in Oak Park, Illinois.

About Michael Ferro:  Mr. Ferro is a Healthcare Tech Entrepreneur based in Miami, Florida.

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