WASHINGTON, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Natural Fibers Alliance condemns Nordstrom’s announcement that it will stop selling natural fur and exotic leather by 2022. 

The Natural Fibers Alliance is a newly formed coalition that represents the interests of wool, leather, fur, and other natural materials. The ability of consumers to choose these materials is under attack from animal liberation activists, such as PETA, who want to ban consumers from having the choice to buy these products because they are derived from animals. Nordstrom admits that its move to ban these products was made in conjunction with the Humane Society of the United States, a vegan advocacy group with a PETA-like agenda. 

By ending the sale of natural fur and exotic leather, Nordstrom is denying consumers a sustainable fashion choice. Synthetic materials are generally made from plastics, and synthetic garments are considered a major source of microplastic pollution that fouls our environment because they leach plastic fibers when they are washed and worn.

Further, animal activists also oppose silk and leather made from cowhide–a major part of Nordstrom’s offerings. By caving to the activists once, Nordstrom is merely inviting more demands and bullying on itself. 

“Nordstrom’s baffling decision is akin to a steakhouse taking meat off the menu because one vegetarian complained,” remarked Mike Brown, executive director of the Natural Fibers Alliance. “You’d think a company whose stock has tanked 71% this year would want to sell more, not less. Businesses hurt themselves, consumers, and the environment when they limit customer choice and kowtow to extreme animal activists.”

Natural Fibers Alliance

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