• Week One: Choosing Your Ladder – Every ladder is not suited for every task. Always take into consideration the work environment, height of your task, and the ladder’s duty rating.
  • Week Two: Safety Before the First Step – Always take time to properly inspect your ladder before use and set it up correctly.
  • Week Three: Safety While Climbing –Maintain three points of contact and use accessories to carry tools and keep your hands free for climbing.
  • Week Four: Safety at the Top – Safety considerations don’t stop once your safely on the ladder!
  • Week Five: Ladder Safety Misconceptions – Common mistakes people make when using ladders. Let’s find out!

Help us promote ladder use best practices and ensure safety at home, and work, by:

  • Registering for the Ladder Safety Webinar Series, sponsored by Werner. Register here.
  • Completing the free Ladder Safety Certification program: This safety training includes tools and information for the proper selection, care and safe use of a variety of ladders. Organizations with 10 or more certified employees will be recognized as ALI Safety Ambassadors.
  • Participating as an official sponsor: Check out the companies and organizations already supporting National Ladder Safety Month and see how you can join them here.
  • Helping spread the word: Use #LadderSafetyMonth on social media and grab other resources from the official marketing guide to get the message out.
  • Checking out free safety materials: Access safety resources including checklists, videos, infographics and flyers on the National Ladder Safety Month website.
  • Sharing how you’re participating with ALI: Tell us how you’re spreading the word or promoting ladder safety within your community or organization by emailing ALI Headquarters.

About the American Ladder Institute
Founded in 1947, the American Ladder Institute (ALI) is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to promoting safe ladder use through ladder safety resources, bilingual safety training and the development of ladder safety standards. ALI also represents the common business interests of its members who are comprised of the leading ladder and ladder component manufacturers in the United States and Canada.

SOURCE American Ladder Institute

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