CARSON CITY, Nev., Dec. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dream Flights, formerly known as Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation, today announced Operation September Freedom (OSF), a national effort to honor as many World War II veterans as possible with free Dream Flights in restored, open-cockpit Stearman biplanes. The tour begins on Aug. 1, 2021 and runs through Sept. 30, 2021.

“OSF may be our nation’s last opportunity to recognize and honor the men and women whose sacrifice led to the Sept. 2, 1945 signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender, which effectively ended WWII,” said Darryl Fisher, founder and president of Dream Flights. “We’re asking all Americans to join our effort to locate members of the Greatest Generation so we can thank them one last time for their service.”

Dream Flight requests for WWII veterans are accepted at

Non-profit Dream Flights has honored 4,204 veterans and seniors living in retirement and long-term care communities. During a 20-minute Dream Flight, veterans experience the freedom and exhilaration of soaring 1,000 feet in the air in an iconic Stearman biplane. OSF is the first tour dedicated to honoring a group of veterans who served during a particular war.

Dream Flights pilots, who primarily fly for major airlines and are active duty or retired military veterans themselves, will volunteer their time to fly WWII veterans. Mid-campaign, Sept. 6, Dream Flight crews will rendezvous at the 50th National Stearman Fly-in in Galesburg, Ill., to honor WWII veterans and fly formation for the crowd. After, the crews will return to their home bases, stopping in towns along the way to honor WWII veterans with flights.

“OSF will be the largest barnstorming event in history,” said Fisher. “Wherever WWII veterans are located, we’ll find our way to their nearest airport and create a moment of magic they can relive until their last days,” said Fisher.

Of the 16 million Americans who served in WWII, an estimated 100,000 will be alive in 2021 — the youngest: 95. OSF is supported by the generosity of its partners SportClips, American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living, Argentum, DirectSupply, and VFWAmerican Airlines is the official airline of Dream Flights.

Dream Flights are free to veterans. Tax-deductible donations and sponsorship opportunities are available at

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