BASSENDEAN, Western Australia, Feb. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MyndVR, the premier provider of virtual reality (VR) solutions for seniors in the United States, announced today that it has signed a partnership with Technology for Ageing & Disability (TADWA), a not-for-profit enterprise that’s been dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of Western Australians since 1984.

MyndVR’s partnership with TADWA marks its expansion into Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania. It will enable occupational therapists and technicians to utilize customized headsets, care tablets, and MyndVR’s expansive content powered by Littlstar, a leading global content distribution network, to help older people, people with disabilities, and their caregivers do what is important to them.

“We’re incredibly proud to begin our expansion abroad with TADWA, an award-winning and innovative Australian provider of technological solutions,” said Chris Brickler, co-founder and CEO of MyndVR. “We’re looking forward to a partnership that will help lift spirits and improve quality of life through the use of immersive technology.”

MyndVR has previously partnered with researchers in the United States to study how virtual reality helps improve happiness and reduce social isolation in aging residents at long-term care facilities and is excited to deliver their award-winning technology and content to the aging and disabled in Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania.

TADWA’s occupational therapists and technicians work with thousands of people every year to help them live life to the fullest. TADWA is a ‘team of teams’, operating across six different disciplines and generating a range of innovative solutions to the challenges faced by older people and those with disabilities.

TADWA CEO, Steve Pretzel, says the team is thrilled to be partnering with MyndVR: “At TADWA, our focus is on significantly improving the quality of life of our clients, their caregivers, and families through compassion, technological excellence, and innovation,” he said. “Age and disability should not define a person’s future or detract from leading a meaningful life. When physical mobility is limited, virtual reality can provide a sense of exploration, adventure, and fun. The MyndVR system provides great content as well as great control functionality. With the benefits of VR becoming better understood, we see a huge opportunity for families and particularly residential care facilities to reduce the impacts of isolation and improve the quality of life for residents.”

About MyndVR

MyndVR is the leading provider of Virtual Reality solutions for senior living communities, home health care agencies, State and Federal Veteran homes, and individual adults aging in their own homes. The company has licensed a vast library of VR content and created MyndVR Studios to produce therapeutic experiences that positively impact the lives of seniors, veterans, and other groups. Their technology enables older adults to interact with the outside world in genuinely innovative ways that foster engagement, cognitive wellness, and above all, joy and happiness. MyndVR is committed to conducting extensive research to measure the therapeutic effect of VR. These studies will continue to measure the health care outcomes, including cognitive, visual, emotional, and physical effects on older adults. For more, visit

About Technology for Ageing and Disability (TADWA)

TADWA’s goal is to help people do what is important to them. Spearheaded by specialist Occupational Therapists, TADWA works with people to understand their challenges and aspirations and to find and implement the best solutions.

TADWA’s services include occupational therapy, home modifications and automation, technology support, assistive technologies, custom equipment, recreational and vehicle mobility solutions.

TADWA has been assisting older people and people with disability for over 35 years. For more, visit

Contact: Michael Vaughan, 813-210-1706, [email protected]


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