To Whom It May Concern:

Recently, I have been made aware that Diamond Resorts has decided to issue a press release disparaging myself and my firm, Molfetta Law. Initially, I had no intention of dignifying their baseless accusations with a response. I have since decided to change course and will take this opportunity to respond briefly to the allegations made.

The lawsuit itself is not worth the paper it is written on and I will personally be taking this matter to trial to let a jury decide. In essence Diamond Resorts wants to operate without any restraint and without anyone questioning their tactics. Molfetta Law and I will do whatever is necessary to expose them for what they are.

In the meantime, I stand for my 30 years of experience as a former prosecutor and trial attorney. This matter will go to trial and I will prevail. I will continue to represent my clients along with my staff of over 25 highly educated employees who are committed to helping our lawyers zealously represent our clients.

We are committed to defending anybody who has been defrauded or misguided under the guise of selling the American dream. Freedom to spend hard earned leisure time with one’s family and friends is a commonly held American value and should not be dismantled by false promises made by timeshare companies.

There is an old saying about jury trials, if you have the facts on your side argue them, if you have the law, argue it; and when you have neither, attack the other lawyer.

I will leave the name calling and the libel to those that have neither. My record as an attorney is spotless, as is my reputation in the legal community. The truth will prevail as it always does.

Michael A. Molfetta


SOURCE Molfetta Law

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