DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Dec. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Mehrzad Ferdows, during a half-day workshop, gave a speech on importance of Foreign Direct Investment in economic growth of countries.

Ferdows, Mehrzad Manuel, reiterated the importance of this issue on economic growth during his speech in Dubai.

“Because foreign funding is not only a complement to domestic investment, and in fact, bridges the gap between investment savings, but also a solution to the gap in foreign exchange resources. In developing countries external financial resources include bilateral assistance from developed countries, financial flows from various sources such as the World Bank, regional banks, foreign portfolio investment and foreign direct investmen,” Mehrzad Ferdows said.

Mehrzad Ferdows added that in the recent past, these countries have used foreign borrowing to compensate for the lack of capital, but due to the crisis caused by its repayment, many of them had problems. Therefore, they tried to use foreign direct investment instead of foreign borrowing to compensate for the lack of capital and achieve the goal of economic growth.

Mehrzad Ferdows stated that the investment is considered the engine of economic growth and development of any country, but different countries, Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows stated that in the international community, only countries that have high technical and production capacity will have a say, and for this, considerable capital is needed.

“Therefore, the use of external financial resources as a complement to domestic resources seems necessary. Financing through foreign direct investment, in addition to eliminating the shortage of capital, is a suitable tool for acquiring modern technology and using machinery and equipment with new technology, but it should be noted that attracting foreign direct investment depends on identifying the factors affecting it and make appropriate changes in them. Since foreign direct investment is one of the subsets of globalization and today the issue of globalization is the biggest policy concern, therefore, attracting foreign investment has received a lot of attention. Although there are different types of foreign investment, foreign direct investment is the most effective,” Ferdows, Mehrzad Manuel said.

Mehrzad Ferdows said that any kind of investment made by private companies or individuals in countries other than their homeland is called foreign investment.

“Based on this and other definitions, the same final concept for foreign direct investment is derived and states that there is a positive relationship between foreign direct investment and economic growth. Foreign direct investment affects the economic, social and political development of the host countries in different ways and in different dimensions. Foreign investment, because it creates employment through the financing of production and service projects, can also be claimed that foreign direct investment, by affecting each of the subsets of a country’s growth, causes economic growth in general. Also, from another point of view, increasing foreign direct investment causes access to modern technologies in the world. Foreign direct investment also increases productivity,” Mehrzad Ferdows reiterated.

Mehrzad Ferdows’s Opinion on Foreign Investment and its Effect on Human Capital

Mehrzad Ferdows added that another aspect of foreign direct investment that should be mentioned is human capital. Foreign direct investment alone does not transfer enough human capital but increases the emergence of human capital to some extent.

“Economists have conducted many theoretical and empirical studies on the factors affecting economic growth. The results of those studies show that developing countries can use foreign investment not only to acquire higher technology to grow, but more importantly they can train, hire and educate their workforce and discourage them to immigrate to more developed countries by better workplace and higher wages,” Mehrzad Ferdows stated.

Mehrzad Ferdows concluded that in general, it can be said that foreign direct investment with comparative advantages, compared to domestic investment can be a means to achieve good economic growth in less developed countries. Given that foreign direct investment is effective on many macroeconomic variables such as employment, exchange rates, interest rates, exports, imports, and ultimately leads to the advancement and improvement of technology and increase productivity and increase growth and Development of countries, especially developing countries.

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