“Last year, in response to COVID-19 school closures, we offered our K-12 product, Mango Classroom, entirely free of charge. We wanted to do what we could to help students and schools in need,” said Jason Teshuba, CEO at Mango Languages. “Now, in 2021, as teachers face the challenge of keeping their language students engaged, we want to be there to help support them by offering additional learning activities, absolutely free.”

For a limited time, Mango Languages is providing three lesson plans from their exclusive Guide to Best Practices activities, plus a collection of immersive language learning activities called Adventure Packs

Very well received among early adopters, the Guide to Best Practices is a collection of over 100 lesson plans. It was crafted by Mango staff teachers to provide busy educators with a variety of engaging activities to bolster collaboration, creative thinking, and discussion in a new language. 

The Mango Adventure Packs are a collection of immersive language-learning activities that build speaking confidence and comprehension skills. Students journey through a city abroad where they experience common phrases, greetings, and new vocabulary along the way. During this virtual travel experience, students are presented with scenarios that introduce them to culture-specific experiences and provide fill-in-the-blank conversation prompts.

The first rollout of Mango’s Adventure Packs, free to schools and teachers, are self-guided journeys through popular Latin American travel hubs. It’s more than a lesson plan; it’s meant to be a learning Adventure.

Both the Guide to Best Practices and Adventure Pack activities apply Bloom’s Taxonomy and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DoK) levels to plug into existing curricula easily. Additionally, the teacher and student guides provide ways that lessons can be adapted to specific learning environments or skill levels.

For more information or to download the learning activities, go to https://mangolanguages.com/k12activities.

About Mango Languages
We believe that “Language is an Adventure,” a way to forge deeper connections with the world around us. Mango Languages is the award-winning language-education resource in K-12, Higher-Ed, corporations, library systems, and government agencies worldwide. Mango is the only adaptive language-learning system powered by proven methodologies, designed to naturally establish retention and rapidly build conversation skills. Visit mangolanguages.com, or follow @MangoLanguages on Facebook. 

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