TRENTON, N.J., Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Legal-Bay LLC, the Lawsuit Settlement Funding Company, announced their commitment to providing loans for lawsuit funding for victims of wrongful imprisonment and prosecutorial misconduct. Our country’s prison population currently stands at over two million, and Legal-Bay’s research indicates that up to 3% are presently serving time for crimes they didn’t commit. Sadly, most of these unjustly incarcerated people will never get the chance to prove their innocence, and will spend irreplaceable, lost years behind bars – even life in prison.

Compounding the problem is that there are simply too many questionable cases and too little resources to investigate them all. Human rights groups such as The Innocence Project have stepped up to try and rectify the situation by focusing on DNA evidence. In the almost 30 years since their inception, the organization reports 375 exonerations, including over 20 innocent prisoners who were on death row.

Many of the exonerated victims have gone back to the courts—as plaintiffs this time—to seek justice for their unjust incarceration. Aside from wrongful imprisonment, many plaintiffs claim police brutality, false arrest, excessive force, torture, and coerced confessions. Many of these instances have been high profile cases which have caused physical as well as lasting psychological harm to the victims. The faulted prison systems and cities that hosted them have already been forced to pay countless millions in damages with many more cases yet to be heard. 

Legal-Bay is committed to helping wrongfully incarcerated individuals back on their feet, and has approved cases north of $1MM in immediate upfront settlement loan funding.  The upfront funding provides a hedge if a plaintiff were to lose the case or if the case drags on for years.   

Chris Janish, CEO commented, “We are one of the few companies who truly understands this niche market of funding. It can be tricky to understand which cases have merit and which ones do not.  Our team of underwriters is fully dedicated to assisting individuals integrate back into society with approval amounts exceeding $1MM in many cases.  Most importantly, our capital that is provided is done so at the lowest industry rates by far, and with cap-out provisions that ensure our clients will pay a fixed amount after 30 months.  This amount will never go higher, no matter how long the case drags on through the courts or in appeals.  I don’t believe any other companies in the legal funding industry can represent the same.”

If you or a loved one require an immediate cash advance pre settlement funding loan from your police brutality or wrongful imprisonment lawsuit, please visit the company’s website HERE or call 877.571.0405.  NOT ALL CASES QUALIFY FOR PREFERRED RATES AND/OR CAP-OUT CONTRACTS.

Here are some recent high-profile litigations from across the country that Legal-Bay has funded in small or large part:


Just last week, an Idaho man pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting and murdering 18-year-old Angie Dodge in her Idaho Falls apartment in June of 1996. Brian Dripps Sr. wasn’t arrested for the crime until May 2019 after his DNA sample tied him to the murder scene.

For Christopher Tapp, the man who’s been serving time for the fatal stabbing since 1998, the arrest came twenty-three years too late. Based on a coerced confession, Tapp was sentenced to 30 years to life even though his DNA sample was not a match. Nineteen years later, The Idaho Innocence Project took up the case, and Tapp was finally released in 2017. He was exonerated two years later.

Mr. Tapp has since filed suit against the city of Idaho Falls for his wrongful conviction. His trial date is currently pending.


Anthony S. Ross, Tyjuan T. Anderson, and Lumont D. Johnson will each receive $3.7 MM from their wrongful incarceration lawsuit. The three men contend that they were framed by police for the murder of an 8-year-old boy in 2002. They served thirteen years of their 50 year sentence before the convictions were overturned in an Illinois court in 2015. Each of the innocent men filed separate wrongful conviction lawsuits against the city of Rockford and Doug Palmer, the former detective who coerced false statements from the individuals.

During the retrial, Palmer testified that he had fabricated evidence and coerced testimony, forcing the city to offer a settlement. Reports show that the plaintiffs could have received a much higher payout. Similar cases nationwide have been settled for amounts in excess of $1 million for every year spent in prison.


The state of California leads the nation in exonerations of wrongfully convicted individuals. According to a 2018 report from the National Registry for Exonerations, over 2000 former inmates have been vindicated since 1989. It’s only a small triumph considering that particular group spent a combined total of 20,000 years in prison for crimes they didn’t commit—an average of almost nine years per person.

A new bill (SB 938) has recently passed which provides an easier path for wrongfully convicted people to seek damages. For the almost 700 people who have already chosen to pursue lawsuits, the state of California has since rewarded $300 million in payouts. 

Please visit the company’s website HERE for more information on how Legal-Bay can help you out with a lawsuit loan during this difficult time or call 877.571.0405.

Legal-Bay is currently funding loans for settlements in the following cases: wrongful incarceration, wrongful imprisonment, wrongful conviction, prosecutorial misconduct, police brutality, false arrest, excessive force, and prison rape or assault. Legal-Bay has been a leader in providing pre-settlement money for many of these cases as well as all personal injury and commercial litigation cases. While Legal-Bay offers loans on settlement amounts based on a plaintiff’s anticipated payout at the end of their trial, the amount of financial compensation awarded by the courts will depend on the type of claim made or in front of a jury.

Legal-Bay’s loans for lawsuits programs are designed to provide immediate cash in advance of a plaintiff’s anticipated monetary award. The non-recourse cash funding—sometimes referred to as loan on lawsuit or loan for settlement—is risk-free, as the money doesn’t need to be repaid should the recipient lose their case. So, while this article sometimes mentions terms like settlement loans or loan settlement, the correct terminology is actually pre-settlement lawsuit funding since law suit loans aren’t really a loan, but rather a cash advance.


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