Tom and Holly Gores have been with us since the early days and their support has made our success possible,” said Mr. Rose. “Schools like ours rely on donors to bridge the funding gap to ensure we reach our ambitious goals. The Gores family and the Pistons organization have been our largest supporters. They’ve been vocal about the need to invest in our community, and more importantly, they’ve consistently put action behind their words. I hope their generosity encourages others to support our efforts.”

Mr. Gores, owner of the Detroit Pistons and Chairman and CEO of investment firm Platinum Equity, has been a long-time supporter of JRLA. He and his family have been in partnership with Jalen Rose and JRLA since 2013.

“Jalen and the team at JRLA have created an environment that is changing lives for students and their families in Detroit,” said Mr. Gores. “Investing in education, especially in communities that too often go overlooked, is vital in the fight for social justice and equality. Kids in our community need better opportunities and a more level playing field, and it’s clear that what JRLA is doing works.”

US News recently ranked JRLA among the top open enrollment high schools in Detroit based on college readiness levels, math and reading proficiency and college curriculum.

Now in its 10th year of operations, JRLA is consistently delivering measurable results:

  • 98% high school graduation rate
  • 100% of graduates accepted to college, military, trade or other post-secondary programs
  • 73% of graduates matriculate to college within first year of graduation (compared to a State of Michigan average of 67%), which ranks first among open enrollment high schools in Detroit

About JRLA
Established by Jalen Rose and Co-Founder Michael Carter in the zip code (48235) where Jalen grew up, JRLA is an open enrollment, tuition-free, public charter high school that serves 420 scholars and over 500 alumni with its post-secondary success program. The school’s mission is to empower all scholars to develop the strength of character, skills, and knowledge needed to matriculate, be great in, and graduate from college so that they have the opportunities to be successful in the competitive world and take care of themselves and the people that they love. JRLA is currently enrolling for the 2021-22 school year. For more information, please visit

SOURCE Platinum Equity

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