Poverty alleviation by supporting education

Launched in 2013, the Si Li Ji Ren Educational Dream Support Program regularly provides vocational education to high school students, in order to help them acquire job skills that will benefit their professional careers. Joining hands with national and local vocational colleges in 30 provinces in China, the program identifies and equips students with in-demand skills across a variety of majors, including health-related fields such as TCM and nursing. To date, the program has invested over RMB 21.64 million and assisted 1,292 students with job placements with an employment rate of 98%.

In 2015, Infinitus also launched the Happy Football Program with the China Youth Development Foundation, which supports the development of football amongst teenagers in impoverished areas in China. By donating equipment and meals, building or renovating stadiums, and providing teaching and training, the program helps left-behind children appreciate the happiness brought by football, cultivate a positive outlook and understand the spirit of teamwork. The project has cumulatively supported over 100 primary schools across the country, raised both funds and donated goods worth over RMB 12 million, and benefited tens of thousands of students.

“In light of the change of the social, economic and environmental climate, philanthropy needs to move towards helping disadvantaged groups to solve their basic needs, satisfy their spiritual requirements, evolve their values and enable self-sufficient development,” said Zhang Qian, Director-General of Si Li Ji Ren Foundation and Media Affairs Director of Infinitus.

Driving industrial development of agriculture in impoverished areas

As a key player in health industry, Infinitus has adopted key measures to support sustainable development of poverty areas, as well as poverty alleviation for farmers living in those areas.

As part of this initiative, Infinitus has launched the Chinese herbal medicine plant and management model, whereby farmers are offered free training in science-based agriculture methods that increase yield and income. This model, built upon modernization and standardization, allows farmers to control and track the process from start to finish, and has been rolled out in 40 farms across 19 provinces.

In addition, Infinitus has established an agriculture contingency fund to assist farmers in building resilience to natural disasters, whereby Infinitus builds a long-term cooperation with the farmers — helping them increase their income by approximately 20% every year. The company also creates employment opportunities at its Chinese herbal medicine farms and primary processing plants. A farm can averagely bring an additional 100 jobs to local community respectively.

Beyond employment, Infinitus offers technical support for farmers together with higher education institutions such as the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Infinitus deploys experts into the fields to guide farmers with new technologies and farming methods; cooperate with farmers to identify high-yield strains, efficient biological pesticides and pest control methods; and advise on standard harvesting time and crop processing procedures.

Furthermore, Infinitus has formulated a 4-level rating system for farmers to provide quantifiable feedback on issues in the farming process, offer additional support to high-performance farmers, and empower farmers to operate self-sufficiently — creating a symbiotic, win-win industrial poverty alleviation model.

“By helping the people obtain suitable capability and fostering an industry locally, industrial poverty alleviation will drive sustainable development in impoverished areas,” said Mr. Huang Jianlong, Senior Vice President of Infinitus (China). “We will continue to focus on poverty alleviation by supporting education and developing industry, and will consistently devote ourselves to charity work and public service and give back to the society.”

SOURCE Infinitus (China) Company Ltd.

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