SPRINGFIELD, Ill., Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Three of the largest organizations representing seniors in Illinois came together Wednesday to reiterate their support for the Fair Tax amendment and to blast opponents for confusing seniors with false ads.

Don Todd, Springfield, President of the Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans representing 257,000 retirees in IL

“Today is a first because today, all three organizations are coming together to announce our joint support for passing a Fair Tax Amendment in November…Passing a fair tax rate in Illinois long overdue. For too long, we have watched services for seniors being cut or eliminated in Illinois. We have watched the wealthiest richest individuals in Illinois avoid paying their fair share in taxes. It is time for us to change this imbalance in taxation.

Carmen Betances, Chicago, leader with Jane Addams Seniors in Action

“Our government has an obligation to provide us with the services we need to age with dignity. Instead, our senior services are suffering and many of our children and grandchildren are overtaxed with the current flat tax. The fair tax Amendment would set things right.”

Wendy Edington, Rock City, AARP Illinois volunteer

“Every day, I drive around our rural community and see signs of family farms for sale. I talk to my middle-class friends, and they tell me stories about how they make too much to qualify for things like SNAP or other programs to help them, like Medicaid. But their kids are hungry and they are going without the services they need. Many have lost their jobs during the pandemic. I try to explain to them that the tax structure is forcing them to bear the brunt of the state’s financial problems. But the misinformation out there keeps them believing that things will somehow work out. It makes me crazy to know my hard-working friends and neighbors are paying the same tax rate as millionaires and billionaires in this state.

And it makes me mad when I see those same millionaires and billionaires spreading rumors about graduated income tax impacting retirement income. That is just not true.”

Ruth Maskow, Alton, retiree with Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans

“Millionaires and billionaires have teamed up to stop the Fair Tax by scaring seniors. They’re spending millions of dollars on dishonest ads to try and scare us into voting against our own best interest. You don’t have to listen to those scare tactics. The Fair Tax is our best way to protect our retirement security.”

Charles D. Johnson, AARP IL Volunteer and former Director of the Illinois Department on Aging

“As someone who has dedicated myself to supporting the aging population in Illinois for the last 30 years, I’m deeply concerned about the misinformation being spread around about the Graduated Income Tax Amendment and what its passage would mean for seniors.Let me be clear: Voting Yes for the graduated income tax is in the best interest of older Illinois residents. No question…

We need a plan to get out of this budget mess, without shifting the burden to our older and middle-class residents. The graduated income tax is a step in the right direction.

It is so important that older adults get the right facts and understand that voting YES on the Graduated Income Tax amendment will help fix Illinois’ budget, raise around $3 billion a year, protect their retirement income, and make sure that taxes don’t go up for small businesses and older citizens.

Don’t believe the lies. Believe in the groups here today, who have dedicated themselves to advocating on behalf of seniors and vulnerable older residents.”


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