SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Nov. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — An innovative new product has launched with the safety of women in mind, providing confidence when it comes to unaccompanied situations such as running, hiking or walking to a car after work. Hootie is a modern personal safety alarm for women that when activated, emits a piercing 130-decibel alarm and intense strobe light – creating an immediate diversion and deterring attackers. The cutting-edge product encourages women to live life to the fullest, without fear of attack when enjoying active solo time.

Hootie is a lightweight, compact device that is small enough to keep in your pocket, or attach to a bag, water bottle or keychain with its strong carabiner. When threatened, the user easily pulls a pin that triggers the strobe light and 130-decibel alarm – the equivalent of a jet engine. The noise is loud enough to temporarily startle an assailant, providing time to escape. It can be heard up to 1,000 feet away and will continue for 40 minutes, or until the pin is reinserted.

“Personal safety alarms such as Hootie are devices that are good to have, with the hopes of never needing it,” said CEO Mark Rukavina. “But when faced with a dangerous or uncomfortable environment, it’s smart to have one at your disposal. It’s peace of mind wherever you go, and if needed, a proven way to distract an attacker and draw immediate attention to your situation.”

Hootie will last up to a year without losing battery power, and is made of durable ABS plastic that withstands extreme temperatures and is resistant to impact, rust and water. It is currently available in stylish colors for easy coordination with a purse, backpack or other accessories.

While many women choose to carry mace or pepper spray, Hootie offers a safer alternative that eliminates accidental discharge. With no buttons and two pounds of pulling force on the pin required, the device can be kept in a pocket or bag without fear of inadvertent activation.

As the holiday season approaches, Hootie is the ideal gift for any modern woman seeking an extra layer of self-protection. It is available online at for $29.99.

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