A little over a year ago in August of 2019, I cared for a patient with an active lifestyle. When dancing she would pass out. Not having a family doctor, which is common in Canada, she contacted me and asked if I would care for her. I discovered that she had a remedial heart condition known as severe aortic stenosis. Because of inexorable delays for her heart surgery, she died just before Christmas waiting for a valve replacement. Her cardiac surgeon apologized for the lack of hospital beds because of the government’s cost cutting to save money.

Heart conditions also affect young people and children. In my recently released book “Made to Live” (www.madetolive.com), our daughter Jessica’s story highlights the eagerness of some doctors both in Canada and the United States to participate in ending the lives of the pre-born and the newborn. Because of Jessica’s severe congenital cardiac malformation, we were encouraged to proceed with an abortion, and when the delivery date approached, we were asked whether the medical team should intervene to save Jessica after she was born. My wife Marisa courageously responded: “I have done everything to come this far, you do everything to keep her alive.”  Jessica is now a flourishing, energetic 11-year-old (video: https://bit.ly/31h6EbV).

President Trump has been a strong advocate for life. He has publicly spoken against late term abortions and against abandoning newborns to die after birth. On September 25 of this year he signed an executive order ensuring all babies born alive, including premature infants, and those with disabilities or surviving abortions receive life-saving medical care. During his first day in the Oval Office, he blocked federal money for international groups performing abortions. Unfortunately, Canada has gone in the other direction, promoting abortion in Canada as well as underdeveloped countries around the world.

Other actions of the President to ensure the health for all Americans include a $500 million paediatric cancer fund, affordable medications for Americans, Veterans Choice so they do not wait in line for care, and the Right to Try law allowing experimental life-saving treatments for patients with little hope for survival.

Instead of encouraging people to try and not give up hope, Canada has gone down the disastrous road of euthanasia and assisted suicide, killing more than 15,000 citizens since 2016 including disabled and depressed people without life ending illnesses. Some in Canada are advocating for the euthanasia of children.  People deemed less worthy of life are being killed instead of being cared for. Unfortunately, an increasing number of American states have also gone down the same slippery slope that Canada has taken. I hope that the President will succeed in stopping this dangerous practice in the United States.

Other life-saving actions of the President during the COVID-19 crisis include closing the borders, issuing guidelines to flatten the curve, building ventilators, and developing therapeutics and vaccines not only for Americans but for people world-wide.

Internationally, he has avoided devastating wars and de-escalated existing wars not only saving American lives but also the lives of local nationals. Furthermore, his success to stimulate the American economy and increase employment for the marginalized and the poor (which is a known determinant of health), has helped improve the lives and health for Americans and citizens of the world benefiting from an upsurge in the world’s economy. 

President Trump’s actions providing “health care for all” have benefitted both the health of Americans and people of the world.   

Information: Dr. Paul Saba is the author of “Made to Live which describes a physician’s journey to save lives and debunks the myths of abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia. The book describes the value of every life whether pre-born, after-birth or anytime along life’s journey. Telephone: Paul: 514-886-3447 email: [email protected]
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