LYONS, Colo., April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HerzMuses Enterprises introduces Gray For Good – For All Womanhood, a global grassroots campaign that fights ageism by celebrating women-identified individuals who choose not to color their gray hair and using the savings to increase charitable giving to women and girls-focused causes.

“COVID-19 spurred millions of women to stop coloring our gray and question the separate aging and beauty standards for men and women,” says Julia Herz, Gray For Good founder. “I devised this campaign to leverage this collective moment, celebrate those who don’t color, and to motivate women to say I grayed, I saved, I gave.”

The economic costs of coloring away gray is immense. Gray For Good estimates a staggering $20,640,000 per year* is spent by American women coloring their gray, money that instead could go to women and girls-focused causes, which are drastically under-funded. Women’s Philanthropy Institute calculates these causes only received 1.6% of all giving in the U.S.,  and giving to women and girls of color is mere pocket change representing only 0.5% of giving by foundations, according to the Ms. Foundation for Women.

It goes beyond pure economics. Herz wrote, produced and stars in a two-minute music video depicting the pain and predicament of coloring ones gray. The video features lyrics including:

I’m a woman with a soul.

When people scan my gray,

It makes me feel that I’m not whole.

Marketing and media fuel false depiction.

Coloring gray is a learned addiction tied to ageism and one that has real afflictions.

Everyone is encouraged to participate by consciously celebrating women who are gray with genuine gestures of support and by contributing directly to their favorite women and girls’ charities. The campaign has a starting goal of $1M in donations from 50,000 people at $20 each. Success will be tracked by stated dollars using the hashtag #GrayForGood. 

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*Methodology: Estimate $480 per year per woman at six times a year at $80 per coloring multiplied by 43M women (50% of 85.5M women in U.S. 35-79 years of age) = $20,640,000 per year.


Julia Herz founded HerzMuses Enterprises in 2020 to bring energy, momentum, and awareness to meaningful causes, companies, and brands. Learn more

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