SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Google has repeatedly rejected attempts by Californians for Real Privacy – No on Proposition 24 to place ads on its search engine. At the same time, Google has run ads for the Yes on Prop 24 campaign for months.

“We are disappointed but sadly not surprised that Google keeps rejecting our legitimate No on Prop 24 ads while it continues to run ads from the Yes on Prop 24 campaign. Prop 24 was significantly watered down by its millionaire sponsor after closed backroom meetings with lobbyists for big tech companies in Fall 2019. Google stands to benefit from Prop 24’s weakening of California privacy law,” stated Robert Herrell, Chair of Californians for Real Privacy – No on Proposition 24.

Californians for Real Privacy – No on Proposition 24 is sponsored by the non-profit Consumer Federation of California.

Californians for Real Privacy initially placed an ad request with Google on October 20, 2020. Google rejected these ads in an email sent on October 21, 2020. It described additional requirements for the placement of ads. Californians for Real Privacy promptly addressed these requirements.

On October 22, 2020 Google sent its second rejection email, which, among other things, stated that proof of certification as an election campaign entity was required. Californians for Real Privacy had furnished that proof with its initial application to run ads. That proof was a letter from the California Secretary of State dated September 3, 2020 that legally and officially qualified the organization as a campaign committee.

On October 27, 2020 Google sent a further email to Californians for Real Privacy with a link to alleged tips for best practices for running Google ads. The link went to a Google page that again stated that the ads were disapproved as election advertising, and again ignored the certificate that was previously furnished to Google as proof that the campaign committee was certified by the California Secretary of State.

One of the rejected ads stated:

“Privacy advocates say No on 24 | Read the fine print | Big tech wins, consumers lose.

Prop 24 reduces privacy rights. Stop Pay for Privacy. Giveaways to big tech are hidden in its fine print.”

“Google’s Kafkaesque maze that keeps our ads off its search engine is in sync with the significant hurdles Prop 24 creates for consumers seeking to protect their privacy. Prop 24 makes it more difficult for consumers to stop the sharing of private data by big tech companies including Google. Google’s advertising operation seems quite determined to obstruct voter awareness of all the privacy reductions in Prop 24,” Herrell added.

The Yes on Prop 24 campaign has spent over $6.3 million dollars. Alastair Mactaggart, a wealthy corporate landlord, has provided almost all the funding for the Yes on Prop 24 campaign. Opponents to Prop 24 have raised less than $50,000 in contributions from the Consumer Federation of California, California Nurses Association, and the California League of Women Voters.

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