With more than 60 million Americans filing for unemployment benefits since mid-March, this initiative will help ease the financial burden for at-risk beneficiaries of the patient assistance programs offered by Good Days. The mobile app is designed to streamline the expense reimbursement process and make it easier for eligible individuals who are diagnosed with a costly chronic or rare condition to request payment.

“Millions of Americans are struggling to pay for basic necessities, including rent, bills, food, and medicine,” said Clorinda Walley, President of Good Days. “For people with chronic underlying conditions, the impact of COVID-19 has been especially significant. As always, Good Days will continue to deliver patient-centered programs and initiatives to support individuals who are at-risk.”

“We are proud to launch this new mobile phone app to help people who are in need to claim reimbursements and ultimately receive faster payment,” said Randie Odebralski, Chief Operating Officer of Good Days. “At Good Days, we are always looking for new ways to support and reach as many people as possible. There is no better moment to introduce easily-accessible digital solutions to ease patients’ financial burdens.”

The mobile application follows the launch of two COVID-19 emergency relief funds earlier this year to financially assist eligible individuals who have chronic or life-altering diseases and have contracted COVID-19, or are experiencing economic hardship due to the pandemic.

Download the ‘Good Days Reimbursement’ app in your Apple or Google app store on your mobile device.

For more information on this mobile application and  assistance programs offered by Good Days, visit www.mygooddays.org.


Good Days is a national, independent 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization that makes life-saving and life-extending treatments affordable. Since 2003, Good Days has provided more than 800,000 grants and helped more than 500,000 people with access to healthcare resources. Contact us at [email protected].

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