Plastic Bank, which operates in Brazil, Egypt, Haiti, Indonesia, and the Philippines in an effort to combat pollution and poverty, works with local citizens who collect ocean bound plastic waste in exchange for money, goods, and health and education services. Plastic Bank then recycles the waste to create new raw material for manufacturing.

Full Circle Home already uses GRS certified post-consumer recycled plastic as the majority of its plastic supply and this partnership with Plastic Bank means that it will be eliminating its plastic footprint twofold.

“Since we launched Full Circle, we’ve always aimed to help our customers reduce their plastic footprint in the home—designing products that use alternatives like bamboo, working to eliminate plastic from packaging, as well as auditing and certifying our entire post-consumer recycled plastics supply chain,” said Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Heather Kauffman. “We’re never satisfied to settle for good enough and strive to continuously improve on what sustainability in home products means.” 

Full Circle Home believes in a future with plastic neutrality and through its partnership with Plastic Bank takes another step forward, working to help remove plastic that is ocean bound. 

“We’re excited to partner with Plastic Bank and hope to use our business as a force for good, raising plastic neutrality from the exception to an everyday expectation of brands and products,” Kauffman continued. 

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Established in 2009, Full Circle Home was founded in an effort to help consumers leave the earth a better place than they found it. By creating sustainable homecare products that are beautifully designed, functionally innovative, and responsibly produced, Full Circle guides families through every step of their green journey. Working to inspire and educate the next generation to live a more eco-friendly life, Full Circle plans to change the landscape of consumer goods for the improvement of the world. For more information on Full Circle, please visit

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