WASHINGTON, Oct. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Fragrance Creators Association released the following statement from Farah K. Ahmed, President & CEO, recognizing passage of California SB 312, the Cosmetic Fragrance and Flavor Ingredient Right to Know Act of 2020, which was signed into law yesterday by Governor Gavin Newsom:

“As part of Fragrance Creators members’ commitment to responsible stewardship, we have long supported informing consumers of fragrance ingredients known to be potential sensitizers, so people with allergies can find products that work for them. The industry is committed to consumer education and acknowledges the efforts of the state of California through the passage of SB 312. This new law is intended to provide consumers with access to information about the fragranced personal care and beauty products they use and enjoy every day by requiring communication of specific fragrance ingredients.

The fragrance industry believes in and supports a person’s right to know and understand information about fragrances in the products they use. Fragrance Creators’ Importance & Benefits of Fragrance Program and our consumer education website, The Fragrance Conservatory, are two examples of how the industry is working to empower the public with sound science-based information about fragrance ingredients, safety, benefits, and more, so they can use products with confidence. We remain committed to promoting the safe use of fragrances in the products we all use and enjoy every day. Fragrances are subject to many state and federal laws that govern how people experience fragrance. In addition to industry safety guidelines set forth by the International Fragrance Association, backed by data from the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials, fragrance companies employ safety professionals to analyze the safety of fragrance at multiple steps in the manufacturing process.

Fragrance Creators and our members engaged directly with all stakeholders throughout the bill’s development, leading technical conversations and advocating for policies that advance consumer education, while also securing confidential business information that, in part, helps protect jobs and innovation. We remain committed to further engagement and education on the safety of fragrance, the role it plays in essential products, and its many benefits in promoting public health and quality of life.”

Fragrance Creators Association is the principal trade association representing the majority of fragrance manufacturing in North America as well as interests along the fragrance value chain—for people, perfume, and the planet. The organization’s membership is diverse, including companies that create, manufacture, and use fragrances and scents for home care, personal care, home design, fine fragrance, and industrial and institutional products as well as those that supply fragrance ingredients, including natural extracts and other raw materials that are used in perfumery and fragrance mixtures. Fragrance Creators produces The Fragrance Conservatorythe comprehensive digital resource for high-quality information about fragrance. Learn more about Fragrance Creators at fragrancecreators.org.

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