“Our area is graced with beautiful, stately trees that provide aesthetic and environmental value,” said Max Rose, owner of Four Seasons Plumbing. “But it’s very important to be aware of the problems tree roots can create for a home’s plumbing and sewer lines. Repairing root damage can be difficult and expensive after it happens, and it can also threaten the health of the tree. Keeping trees a safe distance from pipes in the first place is the best strategy.”

Tree roots can compromise plumbing systems by delivering exterior pressure as they grow or snaking inside small leaks and exerting pressure from within. Results could include small or large leaks, clogs or even burst pipes.

  • Know your plumbing: Learn where your homes plumbing and sewer lines run so you can assess any existing risks and so you don’t plant any new trees close to the pipes.
  • Build a barrier: Wood or metal barriers installed around the pipes can effectively prevent roots from reaching the pipes.
  • Plant smart: Consult with neighbors, utility companies and tree and plumbing experts so new trees are planted a sufficient distance from pipes. Consider planting trees with small, slow-growing root systems to minimize risk.
  • Inspect: Signs of root damage include drains that are slow or present unpleasant odors and higher than normal water bills. Look for unusually green patches of grass or sunken areas near pipes, which could indicate leaks or broken pipes.
  • Maintain: Regular professional maintenance ensures that most problems can be identified before they cause major damage to either the pipes or trees.

“If tree roots appear to be causing problems, or there’s a risky situation that could lead to damage, call a plumbing professional,” Rose said. “Root damage isn’t inevitable, and if it does happen, it’s not necessarily a huge expense. Camera technology has dramatically improved how we respond, and an expert can guide you through all the possible solutions to find the right one for your home.”

Four Seasons Plumbing follows strict health and safety guidelines in order to continue providing the Asheville area with essential plumbing maintenance, repair and installation service during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. For more information about Four Seasons Plumbing, visit http://callfourseasons.com or call (828) 216-3894.

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