LOS ANGELES, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A former Los Angeles police officer, who previously obtained a jury verdict in his favor in Aug. 2019 against the City of LA on a claim of discrimination, has filed suit again, alleging that he was terminated in direct retaliation over his victory in an underlying lawsuit related to claims of discrimination as well as over his complaints of discrimination within the department.

Malcolm Thomas’ (“Thomas”) lawsuit also asserts claims that the city and various public officials violated his constitutional rights to free speech by engaging in conduct aimed at preventing him and others from complaining of unlawful activity within the LAPD.

According to the complaint, Chief Michel Moore fired Thomas eight (“8”) days after an order was entered by the trial court judge, bringing the total judgment in favor of Thomas against the city to more than $3 million.

The complaint alleges that Thomas previously brought the lawsuit while still employed as a police officer, alleging that he was subjected to discrimination after he sustained injuries on duty that required surgery and time off to heal. After Thomas filed his first lawsuit, LAPD officials refused to return Thomas to his position as a police officer allegedly because he had medical restrictions and could only return to his position if he was released “full duty,” the complaint alleges. The complaint states that Thomas “was pressured to resign or accept a transfer to a clerical civilian position.” The complaint goes on to state that LAPD officials later admitted during the 2019 trial that this requirement was false and “probably an oversight.”

According to the complaint, Thomas returned to the LAPD to his duties as a police officer following the jury’s verdict in his favor. The complaint states that “during the COVID-19 pandemic, Thomas was dispatched to patrol wherever he was needed,” and “as a black police officer, he was also called upon to serve on patrol during the protests in the City in June and July of 2020.”  However, according to the complaint, “the City revive[d] false charges from 2017 against Thomas and move[d] to terminate his employment.”

“My client was an outstanding officer who loyally protected and served the City of Los Angeles for many years,” said Carney Shegerian, an employee rights activist and founder of Los Angeles-based employee rights firm, Shegerian and Associates. “The City of Los Angeles and the public officials who mistreated and retaliated against Officer Thomas must be held fully responsible for trying to silence him from speaking up against discrimination within the LAPD, and in the process, tarnishing his career.”

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