CAMAS, Wash., Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Fisher Investments, one of the world’s largest independent, fee-only registered investment advisers, recently released A Brief History of US Government Debt, an engaging infographic that demystifies the complex topic of US public debt.

US debt has been a popular topic in the media and with investors recently. Currently hovering around $26 trillion[i], the US debt burden seems overwhelming, but understanding its potential impacts on capital markets requires looking beyond the absolute number.

Fisher Investments’ Senior Vice President of Research Aaron Anderson said, “Informed investors make better decisions, and we believe US government debt and its impacts on the economy and markets are among the most widely misunderstood topics. We produced this infographic as a public service and designed it to provide a guided history of US government debt and the most important facts regarding its practical effects. We hope this will serve as a valuable informational tool.”

The infographic answers the most important question on investors’ minds: can the US afford its debt? The infographic also details who holds US government debt, where the money goes once borrowed and other key insights. The infographic traces the history of US government debt as well, touching on periods like the early 1800s, when the entire national debt was paid, and 1986, when US debt topped $1 trillion for the first time.

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Fisher Investments is an independent, fee-only investment adviser. As of 9/30/2020, Fisher Investments and its subsidiaries manage over $135 billion in assets—over $88 billion for North American private investors, $31 billion for institutional investors, $13 billion for European private investors and $1 billion for US small to mid-sized business retirement plans. Fisher Investments maintains four principal business units: the Institutional Group, US Private Client Group, 401(k) Solutions Group and the Private Client Group International, which serve a global client base of diverse investors. Founder and Executive Chairman Ken Fisher wrote the Forbes “Portfolio Strategy” column from 1984 through 2016, making him the longest continuously running columnist in the magazine’s history. In recent years, Ken’s columns have run consistently in major media outlets across almost every Western Europe country as well as material Asian countries, spanning more countries and more volume than any other columnist of any type in history. Ken Fisher has authored 11 books, including four New York Times bestsellers on finance and investing. For more information on Fisher Investments, please visit    

[i] Source: Treasury Direct,

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