Fire Safety Compliance Testing

Reg. 4 testing is a safety compliance standard used by the LAFD to help protect tenants by ensuring their use of effective and properly functioning equipment. Such systems include, but aren’t limited to: fire alarms, fire sprinklers, standpipes, elevators, automatic closing fire assemblies, electrical stored energy systems, emergency power generators, etc. The specific requirements differ based on building and occupancy types. Since 1987, LAFD has developed a stringent licensing program where Certified Testers such as Kevin Opos of KO Fire Protection has proven expertise by both academic and practical field knowledge of various fire prevention systems.

Reg 4 Testing Process

Designed to promote efficiency and safety, Reg. 4 testing keeps buildings up to compliance. Systems must be tested on either an annual or five-year basis, with the Brycer Compliance Engine sending Notice to Comply reminders when a premises’ respective testing due date is approaching. If any of your fire safety systems are found to have defects, repairs must be completed by a qualified technician within 30 days of the initial testing date. After repairs are successfully completed there will be a retest, which includes a site visit and retest report processing.

Fire Ordinance Upgrades

Effective in 1984, the LAFD passed a new ordinance containing code requirements in different areas of building safety. The Dorothy Mae Ordinance provided new regulations to follow; the most vital being self-closing devices being required on apartment door openings into an interior stairway, hallway or exit. If there is a fire in a unit just like the tragic one in the Bronx– and the front door is closed– the fire will be delayed from spreading into the corridor for a minimum of 90 mins. This is vital time to allow for evacuation and emergency personnel to take action for fire extinguishing and rescue.

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